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irish coleen

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  • Happy New Year Coleen!
    Only another few hour left of the old one and I hope 2009 is a good year for you!

    Wishing all my friends at seagal community (and our Steven of course !) A Very Happy New Year for 2009 !!!!
    Coleen xx
    Hi to all my friends on the Seagal site and of course Steven !!!!
    Enjoy you holiday break everybody ! I shall be off line for a few days ! But I shall be back !!!!! Take care - Coleen xx
    "Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year" to you and yours.:)

    Sorry IC, but I had to tickle you to leave a message on your page!!:D

    I hope you have a good, safe and happy festive season.

    x :) x
    We are just friends who have feelings and we both know this, so we are seeing how the distance is going to work out we have known each other a year already, it is funny I never imagined meeting someone on skype to teach english to then a few months later meeting here in London, life is funny like that i guess.
    Been a fan for a few years, but only really starting to get in deep now. I'm getting through a couple of films a week. Some pretty good stuff out there. Not too many ladies I know who are seagal fans!!
    I wasn't thinking about Thanksgiving Coleen when I wished you "Happy Holidays",because I know you don't celebrate it. I was thinking about the time now. That what we say around here!!

    I had a great Thanksgiving, thank you!!:)
    Hi Ann - Thanks, we actually don't celebrate 'Thanksgiving' here in Ireland, but the build up for 'Christmas' is starting to build up already ! We usually have our Family Christmas dinner on 25th Dec. but this year, we are going to be celebrating dinner on Christmas 'Eve night (24th Dec.) I can then relax on 25th Dec. It is very religious orintated over here ! Hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving ! Coleen
    Glad you are better! That early morning walk sounds very refreshing. Was it still dark at that time? I hope you wrapped up warm and do the cats really come for a walk with you?
    I'm ok thanks, feeling very sleepy these days and I think it's the yearning to hibernate for winter. :)
    Granma rule #1: Do what ever pleases you and when they complain (Mummy and Daddy), tell them you were too young to spoil them this way and now is your last chance. After all, a child never can be given too much love and care.
    Hi IC Just stopped by to ask how you are and are your kidneys better now? I hope they are.
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