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  • Hi Jalu

    Not sure if you will pick this up before you go but I hope you have a good time and your parrot and puppy behave. Have a good time and I'll miss you here.

    See you in a while.
    Hello Stacey,

    How you been? I know you're around...
    I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your company.
    It's always nice to be sorrounded by loved ones.

    I don't celebrate much of anything (4th of July, etc...), but the whole city (NYC) did enough celebration for all of us.

    Anyways...I think you misunderstood what I said before. I "did" go to college.
    My favorite subject has always been Anthropology (all branches).
    I love cultures and people...

    In MHO college...school...institutions in general have very little to do with how well one communicates. Yes...they "instruct" but "education" is more complex than the mere indoctrination we receive from the school/academic system(s).

    To me being a "good communicator" comes from the heart. I must give credit to my Grandma who was a great story teller. Nothing I ever read in school or college captured my attention as her stories did.

    And...you should give yourself more credit...you communicate very well.
    Everybody has their own style, so stop comparing yourself to others.
    Embrace the gift that you have...:)

    Oh...and BTW as I won't be here on the 10th...and will be away for a while.
    I want you to enjoy yourself when you go to see the big guy.
    Give him a hug in my name...and tell him...to save me some of that.;)
    Well...you can bring us breakfast in bed. I'll let you get a hug and kiss (supervised of course). And...I won't be jealous if you grabs your his bum or he grabs yours...You might even get a spanking. How's that...:rolleyes:

    Everything else is "Off limits".:cool:
    Hi Jalu! That's okay. I understand about missing your friends on here and having only a limited amount of time....hard to get to everyone at one time. At least you answered, and that is what counts.

    Yes, I had fun with the company. I always have fun when I get to cook for and serve other...be a hostess to others. I love being creative with food and making others happy & healthy.... Thanks for asking. We had company twice this week, so I stayed busy with cooking and cleaning.

    I'm not sure if you celebrate Independence Day or not, but if you do, Happy Indepnedence Day to you and your family.

    You have a natural gift for communication, then. I can't tell that you haven't been to college.... I have been to college and you communicate so much more effectively than I do. Maybe you should become a writer for a magazine, writing about issues that matter to you. You would be great at it!

    Hope you have a Blessed Day, my sister. Gota go now. My children need me to put them to bed. Since it is summer, I let them stay up a little later than normal....unless we are having company, etc....

    Take care!

    Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey

    Sorry...I forgot to answer your question.
    Yes...I have been to college. I don't think my communication skills are anything out of the ordinary, but thanks. I must say that even as a child I was always good at "reading for comprehension"...meaning going beyond the literal meaning of words...implied meaning...tone...that sort of stuff.

    I find it funny that people on the internet seem to need smileys to guide them in determining the tone intended. No such thing in college. You read a book by a guy who died centuries ago, and you have to determine the tone from that. How did we ever get along all this time withou them...:D:D:D:D

    Anyway...talk more later.

    Take care,

    Hi Stacey,

    I'm sorry I missed you too. I hope you had fun with the "company".
    Sometimes I get tired too and fall asleep w/ pc on.
    So I wasn't really here...

    Take care:)
    Hi Julie,

    I'm fine...thanks. I hope all is well with you.
    Take care:)
    Hi Jalu, How are you? I found a post where you said hello. I didn't have time to reply until now. I hope all is well with you.
    I know you must be posting, So sorry I missed you, but I have to get off here now. I saw one of your post and am very impressed with your writing ability. Have you been to college? It looks as though you have and have a natural ability for communicating very effectively. Hope you have a Blessed night!

    Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    I'm sorry, forgive my manners...I'm exhausted...LOL! How are you? Good I hope. Been missing you, and my other sister...I've been on here the past three days this week, but off and on, not as long as usual, since I've been so busy....
    Hi Jalu! can't stay on here long. I have company coming over tomorrow and have to get up early to finish cooking & cleaning. Just wanted to say hi and chat for a few...
    Hi Jalu, I didn't see you in the chat last night perhaps catch you there again soon.
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