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  • Anneliese and Sue...there are ways to cut paws off painlessly. By the time the pain kicks in...it's too late. You wouldn't want that ...would you? :D

    I was here just by chance...now gone again!:cool:

    Sssssshhh....I'm on a secret mission.:D
    Well we can sort that out when Jalu gets back, but while she's away. ;)

    Thinking of which, while she is away how many messages can we leave on here as a 'welcome back'? She could be days catching up. :D
    Don't believe her Jalu:) She is the one that gave ME permission to put my paws all over Steven!!:D:D Honest!!:D:D
    Missing you Jalu!

    Ann gave me permission to lay my panda paws all over Steven. :D
    Hi Jalu,

    I like how your thing goes around. It makes me smile and I think makes me dizzzy if I look to long;)

    Thanks, Heather. I know...we go way back, and wild doesn't even begin to describe us.;):D

    Sweet Dreams!!!:cool:
    Hi Jalu i added you to my list but you have always been an friend from way way back ..iam going back to bed ..
    Hi Sue,

    I'm still around...working on last minute things.
    We will be fine...thanks:)
    I'm sure the girls will behave...they always do.
    I will miss you too... :(

    Take care,

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