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  • It's ok, I understand...It happens to me a lot to...I get on here when I can and try to catch up with everyone, so I don't leave anyone out... I do miss chatting with you and some of our other sisters and brothers, when we are on at different times or too short of an allotted time frame... I have to go now, again, too... Sorry I missed you. I sill love you my sister! Take care!

    Love Your Sister, Stacey/Eagle

    I was reading and then left...
    Hope we can chat again soon.:)

    Be well...

    Nice to meet you, and of course I'll be your friend...if you behave:D
    I'm looking forward to sharing with you.
    Good luck in Hong Kong!
    Do you live there?
    Must be an interesting place...:)

    Take care,

    Hi Jalu,
    would you like to be my friend.
    i miss going onsite to read your posts and replying and chatting. flew into Hong Kong sunday morning and found my internet and telephone were cut off. A trip to the service provider proved fruiful thougha dn all wioll be installed again on Friday morning Hong Kong time.
    will chat and do online more seriously then.
    Love and peace.
    You must be posting, so I'll chat with you late, okay? Sorry I missed you... I hope you have a Blessed & Peaceful Day!

    Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    Hi Jalu! I just wanted to say hello, while you were on here at the same time as me. I have to go soon, but can chat a few minutes....
    I am doing better!!Thanks!!

    On being naughty...................... well, we can't always be good, can we???:D

    Did you get your house work done??;)
    Anneliese, I'm ok...thanks. How you been?
    Not as naughty as I would like to...:D
    Well...Stacey...don't worry about appearing rude. I know that happens sometimes. I really enjoyed chatting with you and Sue too. Hope we do again soon. Take care:)
    I really have enjoyed the conversation chat with you and Sue too....Thank you for saying you think I am smart, but I really am not.... I just do my best to learn and overcome, as much as I can, with a strong-willed bulldog-tenacity-determination. It is an absloute miracle for me to learn like I have be doing!!! I will continue to do my best, because I want to be a good mother for my children and make a difference in our world....I refuse to give up....Thanks for the encouragement... now I will go read your post before I sign off... I need to hurry becaue I don't want to get struck by lightening and become a "fried noodle" LOL! Hope you have a blessed day! Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    I am so sorry about the cut off conversation... It is storming outside....lightening struck close by in our back yard a few feet from the house and knocked me off the computer.... I had to reboot so you wouldn't think I was being rude or intentionally cutting off the conversation....
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