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  • hallo Kotegashi.
    Ik wens je zeer veel geluk en nog jaren erbij,het is jouw dag vandaag,en ik wens je een zeer gelukige dag toe ,,en nog drie
    dikke kusses van mij en een .
    hallo Kotegashi.
    Zeer fijne paas weekend en nog een
    ,,Vrolijk pasen,, Happy Easter mijn vriend
    Groetjes and Take Care.xxx
    Hi kotegashi.i whas on the chat and i see you are there,
    and i come there every evening there and i see that my friends there are there,the year befor the comes every evening there ,and i now the are there,and now the talk not whit enymore,and that is not bautifull ,i now the have work to do ,when i have work to do ,i makes a litle time for talk whit my friends ,when you kant stay to long that ok i anderstand that,but al is this for 10minnuts ,talk whit eachoter and that makes me happy.
    i hoop you anderstand me what i whant to say my friend.
    Iam not a bad women ,iam a good women and i have very much friend,and i makes friend by,,and for me is everyone my friend.
    And you are my best friend ,and you whant me sent a emeal in
    persenal ,,i give you that if you that want ,i have here on this site a post to ,let me now you whant that .
    Lovely xxx and Take care my friend.
    Hello Kotegashi,i whant to be your friend.
    Iam from Antwerp Belguim.
    Hi Kotegashi! Since you love birds like I do, I have some books I have, that I highly recommend to you. You may already have some of them. National Geographics "Reference Atlas to Birds Of North America", "Sibley's Birding Basics" by David Allen Sibley, "The Bird Atlas" By Barbara Taylor, and "Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds" published in England by Andromeda Oxford Limied Publishers. I think you would like them. If you have a Barnes & Noble Book Store, check with them....The National Audubon Society has some good publications, too. Are you a member? I am.

    Love Your Sister,
    Hi Kotegashi, I would like for you to be my friend, if you agree!!

    I am from Germany!!
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