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    Hey girl, glad to finally hear from you!! How are you besides being busy?

    Miss you around here!!;)
    hello everibody i.m very busy will find me more on my space if u whant kiss u all my wonderful friends..
    Hi georgiana,how are you i hope fine and good
    daer georgiana i have your emeal adres and i gone sent you a personly one emeal if you like.
    Lovely kisses from me and
    Tace Care and Sensei.
    this is very peaneful and i thank you for sent me a message in my post ,i see that today and i see you soon when iam ok and thank you my friend.
    Take care and sensei my friend.
    Hi geargiana sorry iam let you post so late.
    Iam whas sick and iam feeld much beter now.
    I have ignition senennerve in my back and i must from the dokter all the week, i kant say to you this do very much paine and i kant not sit sorry by that iam now what beter i have pils and morfine for the paine.
    i th
    stay in my bed and i must rest , thi
    Hi girlfriend,

    Good to hear from you!! I am fine, just busy with different things. Hope you are not working too hard?

    Take care:)
    Hi and hello georgiana.
    Thank you sent me a message in my post my friend.
    Iam not mat on you, you have work and that go first
    and when you have time ,than you talk to me.
    But you may very glad you have work and that go first,
    And are free i now you makes time for talk to me.
    You are alwas welcom and i now you gome on the chat when you have time for talk whit my and i thank you very much my friend.
    Lovelyxxx kisses and take care .
    Hi georgiana how are you ,i hope fine and good my friend and i hope that you come on the chat, than whe talk whit eachother.
    Take Care my friend.
    I have sent you a mail to you and if you like add me to youre yahoo massenger so that we can chat from time to time.
    Take care.
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