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  • Hi Mayaxe

    In response to one of your posts...
    There was an aikido sensei in the Chelmsford area who trained with Seagal, but the last contact I had with him was about eight years ago. He had cancer of the liver, so I don't know if he is still around. The thing is, I can't remember his damn name, or I would post it!
    when i say i fell in love its with the whole persona of Steven and his abilities to reach out to other people with his talents...but yes i wont lie he his very cute!
    Have a good day my friend xx
    First attraction was his fighting, love to watch a good fight!...I like to watch Steven on screen....When i heard his music and watched him play the guitar i fell in love.
    Even if Steven was butt ugly i would still admire and respect him.
    Hi, it's stopped raining here and I'm determinedly wearing shorts even though I'm shivering. I think we had summer last weekend, roll on the snow! :p
    Hi Geoff
    Just thought you might like to know if you click 'View Conversation' when someone leaves a message here for you then you can talk back to them by leaving a message on their page otherwise they might not see your reply on your page.

    Hope you are doing well and having nice weather down there, we are covered in leaking clouds here.

    Thank You for the Invite to be your friend! I accept. My time has run out on here, now, but I will send you a PM the next time I am on here. I pray you have a Blessed Day and very nice to meet you!

    Love Your Sister,
    No, I moved back to Canada in 2000. Well, actually on New Year's Eve of 2000. So I will have to wait until the Fabulous Seagal decides to grace the Canadian West Coast with a concert.
    It is weird chatting to someone from my old stomping grounds though. My ex is from Colchester and now lives near Ipswich somewhere I think.
    Hi Tigerfeet, I train in both Colchester and Ipswich and the BKAA under Eileen Sheehan Sensei & Frank Walser Sensei. What about yourself?? - did you also get to any of the gigs in 2007?
    Hi Mayaxe
    Thanks for the friend request.
    Whereabouts (or with whom) do you train?
    I used to live in Chelmsford & trained in aikido at a dojo there.
    I am good thanx, enjoying chatting to my friends on line.
    Post reply in my box xxx
    Hi Mayaxe,

    Great to be your friend. Thank you.

    Hello from America over the Pond to you.:)


    Jim USA
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