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  • As always "Thank You" Kirill.
    I know you will be doing just great!!

    Have a great weekend!!;)
    Hi Kirill,

    Good to hear from you. I am glad it is warm and sunny in Russia,

    Here it has been cold and windy and rainy. Can't wait for it to get warmer.

    Have lots of on your summer vacation.;)
    Thanks Kirill, Spring got to come sometimes!!;)

    Good luck on your studies. I know you will do well!!
    Thanks for the good wishes Kirill!! Best wishes to your future plans and I hope everything works out the way you planned.

    Spring is almost here........................some days it is nice, other days it is cold and rainy. Have a good day!!;)
    I am doing good Kirill. The weather here is still up and down. Can't make up his mind. Warm or cold. But I know sunnier days are ahead.

    Always nice to hear from you little brother!!;)

    You be good too!!:D
    Thanks Kirill. The weather here is strange. One day we have warm temps and the sun is up and the next day it is cold and rainy. Hope it will change for the better soon.
    Have a nice weekend!!;)
    I am doing good Kirill. We are having nice weather right now. Hope it will last for a while.

    Thanks Kirill for the sunshine!!LOL:D

    I am always good!!LOL:D
    Thanks Kirill. I was having problems with my computer. But it's fixed now.

    Have a great Easter weekend!!;)
    Thank you Kirill, but no perfect weather here. We are snowed in again and it suppose to snow all weekend. It's very windy and cold also!!

    Have a nice weekend.;)
    Well, the bad weather is almost here. Alot of snow, a regular snow storm is moving in my little neck of the woods. In a few days spring is starting. What a way to start spring!!:D
    It's a nice day here in Kansas,USA too for a change!! But you never know, things could change in a heartbeat.

    Have fun skating and have a wonderful weekend too. Be good and be safe.;)
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