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  • Still have some snow here, but yesterday was a very nice day.Sun was shining, no wind and not too cold!!
    I understand Kirill.

    News:.............We are all snowing again. And it's bitter cold!! AH Kansas, you just got to love it!!
    I am trying. I am just tired of this awful weather. Be good my friend and have a good week in school!!
    No, it's not. The groundhog saw his shadow.................... which means 6 more weeks of winter. And it is snowing again here, has been since last night!!

    I don't like winter at all!!

    Give me SPRING any day!!:D
    No News, just bad weather, more snow and cold coming my way.

    Is it SPRING YET??????????????????????????????????:D:D:D:D:D

    All the best to you too my dear friend!!;)
    God bless you too my friend. No more blizzards so far. But one will never know until you see one. Have a great week and weekend my dear friend Kirill!!

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