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  • Hey Tammy,

    How are you? Hope everything is going ok for you? Drop me a line love to hear from you!!:)
    I am on my way...................... to get you and drag you to the naughty corner girlfriend!!LOL:D
    Tammy:) Shame on you:D:D:D For drinking all by yourself!!LOL:D

    You should have invited us all!!:D:D

    Well, maybe next time!!:)
    I hear ya. I have the den left for now. When the carpenter gets to hios next project then I have to think about painting an old grandma's attic so I can have a sewing room/ extra bedroom
    Hi Tammy,

    All is well with me!! So far, we've painted my kitchen, my main bathroom and my dining room. And that's all the painting I am going to do. For now anyway!!

    Good to hear from you:)
    Oh I am fine. Hope all is well with you. I have been extremely busy. We are painting and doing some repairs to his old house. It is coming along though. Slow but sure. I hope to have some similance of normalcy here soon. I will write when I get a little more time. Peace
    Well, I think I am going to bed! Morning comes early!!

    See you Tammy, nice talking to you, maybe next time we will have better luck!!:)
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