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  • Hi Whisperer
    Chef has started a post about hourglasses, and how we can conceptualize them to keep our lives and thoughts in balance. I wold really like to read your views on this, so if you have time, please read the posts & add your thoughts!

    Have a great weekend

    Personally, what I think is that Lovelock co-opted a lot of traditionally held and intuitively held knowledge about Earth. To me, the views of gentle people such as yourself are more valuable and creditable than those of any scientist.
    Lovelock came under a lot of fire for his theory, mainly from the scientific community. The philosophic community, and the general public responded to it from their hearts and said, "we agree".
    There is so much more value, real value, in the way that we intuitively respond to Earth and her systems and lives, than there is in scientific theories that usually ultimately serve only to justify the damage we inflict on Earth to satisfy our own, selfish and human egos.
    Btw, have you ever read any James Lovelock and the Gaia hypothesis?
    He theorises that Earth is a living organism, with all the living things upon it part of the complete whole.
    He also says that humans are more of a hindrance than a help, much like fleas are to a cat. (Yeah, I kinda eavesdropped on your conversation with Tourmaline....)
    Like Gandhi said, there is enough for every man's need, but not every man's greed.
    I still think that many people are trying to fill a spiritual vacuum with material things. Of course this can never work. It is like eating to satisfy thirst.
    Thanks Whisperer. I always like the quote which reads "There are no passengers on planet earth, only crew." Unfortunately, I don't see that kind of responsibility from most people, so the earth is in peril. But like you said, we need the earth, but she does not need us, and she will outlive us.
    I think that the realization of the beauty that is around us, and the futility of fighting over what we have, and the realization that we all share this place together, comes one person at a time, whisperer.
    It is up to us to share our points of view, and up to those we share with to decide whether these points have any validity. But I also think that until we see and appreciate the wealth that we all have within us, we will never be willing to share the wealth that surrounds us.
    This picture of planet earth has a special significance to me, since it was taken on my Birthday. "If one's words are no better than silence, then one should keep silent" - Kwai Chang Caine. Or, at least whisper.
    It does put things into perspective. When you can see Earth as a fragile blue and white planet, just floating and spinning in the the vast silky black expanse of the universe, you start to think about how very finite Earth is. And how everything that we hold dear, all the things that are precious to us - all the trees and animals and their lives and our lives, and art and music and poetry, all the people and stories and dreams and loves, are all contained on just this - this small, fragile, finite planet full of wonder and beauty.
    When you see Earth from this perspective, you begin to wonder why we spend our time - our finite time on this finite Earth - squabbling and fighting over borders and race and religion, instead of celebrating the wonderfulness that exists here on our little planet. My hope that we all learn, and understand, a little more each day, about the preciousness of this planet, all it contains, each other and other lives. That is our way forward, our task while we stay here.
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