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  • Oh yes! I got his signature three times...but most importantly i touched him!...God how sad do i sound! was at the front of the stage and thought to myself i wonder how big his feet are, and in the next minute i was trying to reach over and touch his i was trying real hard but he was about an inch away!...and then to my amazement he looked down and stepped forward for me to touch his leg!...well as you can Imagen i was all a wobble!...Following this at the end of the concert he came to the front to shake hands with the crowed and of course i was one!....gosh i'm all in a sweat thinking about it! Just the best time!! xx
    I watched his movies with my dad and bro when was a little girl. I became an avid fan in 2002.
    I have seen Steven three times in concert he his very very good! xx
    Gosh i am blushing!...Anyway i am very good thank you, waiting patiently for Steven to come back to the UK.
    How long you been a fan? xx
    Hi mate how are you? Thank you for saying i am pretty but you really need to go to spec savers! xxx
    Hi SL

    I like what you've done with your page.
    Happy to be your friend, have a good day!
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