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  • Yes I agree. Today the temps are not too bad but the wind is blowing something awful again. Haven't been able to wear shorts yet. Hasen't been that warm here yet. But I am sure someday soon I will.

    Nice hearing from you. Take care of yourself my friend.:)
    Well, we had another blizzard this morning, not as bad as the one last weekend. But then this afternoon it warmed up and almost all of the snow is gone. Crazy weaather.

    Congrats on your test. I am doing good. If just "SPRING" would get here I would be doing better!!

    Take care my friend.:)
    Hey girl, nice to hear from you!!

    We just had a blizzard this weekend and I thought it was spring!! Alot of the snow has melted but the Kansas wind has picked up again today!!

    How are you? Good I hope!! How is school?
    Hi there!! Good to hear from you!!:)

    Seems like my allergies have been bothering me all year around this time. Spring is finally here and the Kansas wind has blowing something awful today!! All that dust and dirt.

    Take care friend!!:)
    Same here, my ex is crazy on them! I got to hear all their albums and soon became a fan. I really like gene simmons! xx
    Hi SL, sounds like fun!! I had a great Christmas and "Santa Claus" spoiled me of course, because I have been a good girl!!:D

    I hope you have a good, safe and happy festive season.

    x :) x
    Good to see you too!!

    You have been missed!!

    I am doing good. It's cold in Kansas and we already had some snow this past week. And it's not even winter yet.

    I am not ready for this weather!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SL!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you get all the things you wish for and some good surprises too!
    Happy Birthday SL.

    I hope you had a great day, sorry this message is just late.
    Hi SA,

    Just came over to say hi! I am thinking of Sweden and Gothenburg Fun Park as a location for Him in the Production and Meet and Greet if He ever does. I hadn't posted yet due to many demands on my time and I need to think it out properly. Thank you for the great info for me and Him. I will post about Sweden in the Off Topic area His Ways Thread as I promised there next week. Just wanted to let you know I hadn't forgottten in case you were thinking/waiting for it.

    Have a great weekend.


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