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  • i would love to make friends with steven seagal i live in show low az beautiful white mountains he should come to visit
    Hi, are you back from holiday or logging on while you are sailing? I hope you are having a good summer holiday.
    Hi SA,

    Thanks for the info. It was more than expected thanks. I live in New York that is Yankee part of the country for baseball. I grew up in Massachusetts so I am still a Red Sox fan even though I live in New York. In America it is OK to root for any team you want. It sounds like you are a long distance fan of the Red Soxs. I have enjoyed our conversations and the info. One day perhaps, I will be able to travel. Right now this is just as good.

    Take care...
    Hi SA,

    Thanks for your reply. I can imagine how nice it is in Sweden now with your help. I imagine quaint houses made of wood that look like a American Ski Area. We here use your architecture for classy quaint dwelings in ski areas.

    I live in The Northeast part of America. I am about 150 miles West of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. When I was young about your age I thought of Youth Hosteling in your country. I am now older with many responsibilities. I will have to wait until I retire to do a Retirement Hosteling in Sweden. That would be better anyway because I will have more cash as a old guy.

    It is horse racing season here in Saratoga Springs, NY USA. It is the August place to be. We have a great lake and we are close to Lake George a big pond to sail your boat or rent one.

    I think we live in similar areas. Lakes mountains and farm country. If you ever travel abroad keep saratoga in mind and get a sail boat in Lake George. You can sail in Lake Champlain also. President Clinton helped name this as one of the Great Lakes (I THink). My folks live on a mountain overlooking Lake Champlain I travel there in the State of Vermont about 120 miles from Saratoga Springs, NY USA.

    Vermont is a great State to move to if anybody wants to come to America.

    Let me know where a person can Hostel in Sweden if people still do that there?


    Hi SA,

    What is Sweden like where you are. We here in America have a picture of a great place to be. Is that right? I mean quaint small town life with lots of History all around?


    Jim USA Upstate New York. Small town with Health , ,History, Horses.
    hi you say you have stevens adress so i can send him a letter would you be nice and share this with me it would make my day
    Thanks for looking at my photos. That 'thing' is the Falkirk Wheel, I've remembered to put a title on it now. I would like to see the documentary on it as it is quite amazing.

    See you around. :D
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