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  • Hi Blues,

    Welcome and please enjoy the site.

    I am a big blues brothers fan. I had a car in the 70's that was alot like the bluesmobile. It had a cigarette lighter and I threw it out the window.
    Hi my friend i hope feeld fine and i hope you have a great weekend,and i hope that you comming on the chat here.
    you makes many friends here.
    Hi there
    I really like your user name. I too love the blues.
    I hope you enjoy this site, come back and visit us soon!!
    Hello i thank for sent a message in my post here ,and you now you are very welcom here ,and i hope that you make very mutch fun here .i welcoms you very mutch i gone be a very good friend for you here,like the other fans.
    You are welcome!!

    We all try to have fun here whenever we can!! Hope you will too!!

    Hi - welcome onboard, just love your comments on thread, come and join us in seagals group and we can talk some more about our hunky Steven. Coleen
    Hello and welcom here ,and i whant befriend whit you,this site is very great and you gone make friends here.

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