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  • Hello Sue, thanks for your message, it was nice to see you on the Chat. I'm not sure when is the next time i will be on the computer that early to see you, but hopefully in the near future. I hope you are well, and see you another time.

    I enjoyed it too Sue!! We need to leave some more messages on Jalu's page. Where is she anyway? She has been gone too long!!
    Hi Sue
    You must have done something right, because I have been sleeping better AND the rock throwers are holding their fire.
    the new term looks like it will be... interesting... :)
    The same here Sue. We go from the heat right into the cold and vice versa.No in between any more. And I love Spring, but the cold winter in Kansas is not fun, plus it lasts about 6 months.

    OK, I quit peeking now, saw all I want to see!!LOL:D
    I was peeking thru the window!!:D

    The weather sucks but that is Kansas for you. Never know!!:D
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