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  • Good to see you back!!

    Talking about the "Hunks":) that's Myst for you..................... she gives us something to drool about, then takes it away!! Shame on her!!:D
    Welcome back Miss Sue!!:) Missed you!!

    Sorry I couldn't catch you, I was busy looking at some "eye candy"!!:D:D
    I figure it will take you about three days to catch up on posts if Martin 1 does not kidnap you....
    Sue....................... you naughty girl you!!:D:D:D

    I know where you are at and I know what you are doing!!:D:D
    Hi next goal is to finish a course that i am studying at work ' Health and Social Care '
    I have been off work for nearly two weeks recharging my batteries!...i will have ssssooooo much paper work to do when i get back!
    Hope you are well mate? xxx
    Hi Sue,

    I have been way to busy. We do a Luncheon once a year for all our clients. And yes I am the one to call everbody send all the invites and yes call everbody again wow. The goos news is it is next week and then it is over! yeah. I have been interviewing for a new job one that will showcase my chef talents without killing me. No not the radio job that is very far off.

    I go to Snap Fitness it is a 24/7 club so you go when you want. Check it out. Snap that my club.

    If there aren't any over on the other side of the pond then it might be a good thing to start. This is the latest thing here in the US of A. Get in do the work and get out. No showers no lockers just a nice clean place for all.

    I would hope there is a person that would help guide you in your group. If you want pick a club near you and let me know what you want from your workout. I have so much fun you know SS must enjoy His workouts also.



    I'll miss you all but I'll be back soon, just watch Ann doesn't scribble on my page while my back is turned.

    Hi Sue
    That Jason the Cute is not interested in my opinion based on the fact that I am feeling very low and thinking that my whole life is inconsequential. That, and I am on a campus full of 18-twentysomething girls who are prettier, thinner, more outgoing, have more free time and less ties than me & I end up feeling very bad about myself. We all know what guys are interested in. Who could possibly find me in any way interesting with all these very distracting other girls around?
    This is going to be a long day!
    I am determined to stay up until bedtime LATE tonight - maybe that will readjust my sleep cycle.....
    Hi Everyone who stops by here.
    I've heard from Stacey/Country Eagle. She's doing ok but it's still a difficult journey she is on, if anyone has a minute she could do with a prayer for her and her family.
    Peace and Blessings on you all
    New album limited to friends - go drool .... Don't slobber on Anneliese - knowing her she will beat you there!
    Sue, I don't believe that is sandermc in the picture he posted!! I don't believe it until I see a face with the picture!! His face!!:)
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