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  • Hi girl.. see you were in today how are you iam getting back to my bad ways ..you didnt really think i would be good for long huh..
    Hi there how are you now! next year i'm going to Thailand(Chaing Mai) so if you like to have an buddah let me know.

    Hi Tina,
    How are you? I'm fine, can't wait for the next time that we al met Steven again in youre hometown it was much fun for us!
    You don't look 35 like, more like 25 ;), nice to see some girls from the UK on here aswell =), hope your doing good anyways xxx
    Hi Tina, how are you and how's life treating you?
    Have you got much snow down there? Mostly it's melted here now, yes I should be able to walk without falling over now. :D
    :pHi tspoons, as I see, everybody is updating and decorating its site... I also have to do then something!!! I didn't disappear, simply was out of UK and was (and am) really very busy. How are you doing Dear? This is a nice photo of you. I don't want to be commercial, but I make now a circular between my friends, if you know Herbalife or not? As I know it and do it and now am looking for ID-s. Want to built up a nice team. If you want to get an insight, then you can check it out at Herbalife.com hope to hear soon from you, just as from the others.Hope, you have a lovely time now.Please send me your reply... xxx Katalin;)
    Hi Tina how is it?.. not so hot me broke my bloody little toe ..and my cat well she is feeling not an hundred percent we are an good pair huh
    Hi Tina, I'm well thanks how are you?
    Christmas was great, we went and stayed with my family but were back home from New Year which felt really quiet. All back to normal from tomorrow. Did you have a good time and a long break from work?
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