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  • Hi teaspoons,
    Sorry for not responding sooner, but I was out of London for a couple of days and was very busy.I got your request on being friends and thank you very much. Why did you select just me? We could keep in touch, couldn't we? Tell me sg about you. Do you love Steven? Cheers, Katalin
    Doesn't sound too bad just struggling on 3. They aren't going to make anyone get 100% right in an exam. (I think they do for CORGI gas fitters but that wasn't your exam.)
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope they like your portfolio too. Let me know when you get your results.

    I'm being lazy this afternoon, again! I was trying to control the honeysuckle this morning and get it to wrap round the trellis rather than trying to grow off into out of space. It was uncooperative! I'm just happy that I didn't fall off the ladder. :)
    I know you won't get this message until after your exams but Heather is sending good luck wishes to you too (she would tell you herself but she isn't on the forum for a few days) so I hope you feel all the good vibes flowing your way!

    You are probably busy revising tonight but I wish you the best of luck with it and hope it goes really well.
    No news for the concert dates that I've seen, I still have heaps to catch up on reading here. It is 1st June so I am having doubts if the tour would start in June now unless everything is going to be last minute.

    Keep studying! :)
    I could pass the exam if I had to show I was insane. :) Just another one of those days.
    I hope you do well in it.
    Did you cover up well and not let your friend know you had forgotten her? I think it is excusable when exams are looming. Have you got a party planned for when you finish it?
    What is your exam in? Good luck with it and I hope your brain cell are sucking up the info tonight.
    Hi Tina

    This new stuff is pretty good isn't it? There is so much to check out, I've been here nearly half an hour and haven't even got to read any new posts. I can see my time is going to evaporate here! Well I've still got a cold so sitting here aids my recuperation :)
    How are you?
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