Movies Contract To Kill - Steven Seagal, Russell Wong, Director K. Waxman (finished)

Feature - Action
Release: December 9 2016 ( VOD and Limited Theatre Release)

Actors: Steven Seagal; Russell Wong; Jemma Dallender
Director: Keoni Waxman

Special Agent John Harmon is called back into action when the CIA stumbles upon evidence that a dangerous group of extremists is planning to join forces with a drug cartel. He assembles a high tech team of operatives and devises a daring operation to turn the two groups against each other in an explosive confrontation.



I had a chat with Keoni Waxman and he confirmed this:

I'm about to start our next Seagal film in about a week. It's set in Mexico and Istanbul and at the moment it's called 'Contract to Kill'. Getting excited about it - Steven's co-star is Russell Wong and we are working with Ron Balicki again so look for some cool knife fights. We've also made a few changes in our approach to the films so I think it'll look very different than EOAG (as well as 'Killing Salazar'). All a good thing.
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It doesn't surprise me one bit. Why would it all change for the better this far in to Seagal's career ??

Bklyn Bryan

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For my fellow NYC Seagal fans: "Contract to Kill" will be getting a one day theatrical release.
Cinema Village will have showings at 11am and 11pm. Fri 12.09

Cinema Village
22 East 12th Street, New York NY 10003 | (212) 924-3363

I will be attending the 11pm show. Only a single day theatrical release is very limited!
Both "Absolution" and "Code of Honor" had 1 week!! Oh well at least it is Seagal back in theaters if only for a day.
I was not able to watch "End of a Gun" in theaters because it was playing too far away upstate.
Was able to see "Absolution" & "Code of Honor" in theaters 3 times each!!!


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From the Roger Ebert review... not a good sign... "As a result, “Contract to Kill” looks edited by a seeing-eye dog using a Cuisinart; you can’t tell who’s doing what to whom in Seagal’s action scenes. If ever there were a brilliant reason to employ CGI, this is it. Instead, we’re stuck with a mess of flailing limbs that don’t appear to belong to the body that’s swinging them."