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Movies Contract To Kill - Steven Seagal, Russell Wong, Director K. Waxman (finished)

lee nicholson

Well-Known Member
That's fine Dida, everyone is entitled to to their own opinion.

I'm just interested as to why people seem to rag on this movie, more than (let's say) 'SNIPER - SPECIAL OPS' (which was as basic and unspectacular as a movie can be)
CONTRACT TO KILL (to me, at least) is like a low-budget Mission Impossible movie. Sure it has faults, but it's mostly Seagal back, front and centre of the screen. Plus it's a bit more topical than some of his usual stuff. I'm aware that it's a bit too talky in the first half.....but the plot kept me involved (and it didn't have too much filler) And for all it's faults it was professionally shot at least. Yes, it could have had more fights (but most Seagal movies from the last 15 years or so, are also guilty of this) but I thought that beyond all this, CONTRACT TO KILL was a pretty cool spy thriller (similar in tone to THE FOREIGNER, but not as confusing)