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Movies Contract To Kill - Steven Seagal, Russell Wong, Director K. Waxman (finished)


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This one looks like a lot of fun. Seagal is the lead and there will be a lot of action. This indeed could be Seagal's best in years!
I wish I could be as positive as you guys. But all the flashy camera moves, exotic locations and quick cuts can't hide the fact that the leading man, their main selling point, is literally falling asleep on camera.

It's very uncomfortable and cringe worthy for me to watch Seagal on screen anymore in this shape. He's as big as he's ever been, he's slurring and mumbling like crazy and putting in no effort, at least in his dialogue scenes. All of the fight scenes were cut so fast I couldn't really see anything.

This is not the man who I became a fan of.

lee nicholson

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The trailer looks good (I like that daytime mid-air explosion) and although it seems that Seagal is taking centre-stage, it does look like more of a team movie (so the fight scenes will be shared out amongst his unit)
However, it looks slick and a small step up from his usual low budgets?