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Did you see this?


Die Hard Seagal fan!
Yes we saw it several times ;)

He HardtoKill it's nice to see you here as a member, I spoke with you tonight on the chat, do you remember ;)

greets take-sensei
I Saw Ss's Concert In Alexandreia. It Wa Awsome,but He Was Tired And Did Not Seem To Want To Be There. I Do Believe He Had Lost Some Weight.
When He Came Out For Autographps, He Seem Very Distance. My Husband Got Him Talking A Little. I Shook His Hand. I Think He Has A Hard Time Meeting People. If You Talk About His Music You May Get A Smile Out Of Him. His Assistance Sat On The Corner Of The Table And It Was Haer To Get A Picture. This Was Very Frustrating. This Little Gal Was Right Over Him, Plus The Lights Were Dim And It Was Hard To Get A Good Look. He Does Have A Soft Voice And Soft Hands. All In All, I Enjoyed The Affair And Would Go See Him Again.