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Fighting Style

Discussion in 'Martial Arts' started by rekap, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. rekap

    rekap New Member

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the style that Steven Seagal is using when he does the fast hand hitting techniques? The close in slapping and hitting movements. I'm tempted to say it looks like a form of Win Chung.

  2. Totti

    Totti New Member

    Hallo RK

    The Style that Steven use is Jet Kune Do, he has the 3. Dan in JKD!!!
    His own Aikidostyle called "Kisei Aikido" is a combination of JKD and the "old hard Aikidostyle" from Master Morihei Ueshiba.

  3. tenshinaikidoka

    tenshinaikidoka Martial Art Student

    I am wondering where you got this JKD information at, because I do not think he has trained JKD and JKD does not issued dan ranking!!!
  4. GlimmerMan

    GlimmerMan Huge Member

    Bruce Lee invented Jeet Kune Do and Seagal has not trained in it as far as I am aware. He has studied and holds black belts in Aikido (obviously), Karate, Kendo and Judo amongst others.
  5. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Donald Lee Wilkey A Steven Seagal fan

    i'm not certain, but i'd lay money down that Sensei Steven Seagal incorporates leopard fist, tiger claw, kenpo, baguazhang, xingyiquan, tai chi chuan, taijiquan('silk reeling energy or 'coiling spring' energy) technique in his most recent dvd movies. One can't deliver powerful slaps. kicks, and punches without chi/ki/ 'flowing energy' development in their martial art exercises from what i've read in qi gong or chi kung masters and instructors and students. In the new movie of Steven Seagal's "Urban Justice", he holds one of his defending hands in the form of a kenpo readiness while going up against the skinhead dudes in the 'open lot' or alley fight scene, very similar to Jeff Speakman's Kenpo hand techniques
  6. runningbear

    runningbear New Member

    Hello to all the fans out there, I am new on the forum and have a deep respect for the man. what do i like about him? Everything
  7. Littledragon

    Littledragon Above The Law

    No that is not correct, he has does not hold a rank in jkd, there are no ranks in jkd like that.

    His official rankings are: 7th Dan in Aiki kai- Aikido

    holds black belts in ****o-ryu karate under fumio demura, kenjitsu, and judo.

    He also has studied knife fighting which is called penjack silat.

  8. runningbear

    runningbear New Member

    Whatever style he uses, he has trained well in it, I do ninjutsu and put in 4hrs a day to keep well balanced
  9. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Donald Lee Wilkey A Steven Seagal fan

    good to meet you. I am a scholastic student of various martial arts and qi gong breathing exercises and books. How has ninjutsu helped you thus far in your spirit and life?
  10. latinojazz

    latinojazz New Member

    Really interesting...Although what I see in Urban Justice and his three latest is his classic mixture between Aikido and Karate.

    I´m black belt in both styles because of him, and is very clear his style.
  11. bacurrie45

    bacurrie45 Member

    steven seagal gets his fast blocks and strikes from ****o ryu karate and of course uses his aikido and other styles. If you look at his blocks they are soft open hand blocks typicaly associated with ****o ryu and his strikes are hard and hit soft parts of the body again associated with ****o ryu karate
  12. Master M. Rivera

    Master M. Rivera New Member

    For those of u who dont know He is trained in Aikido Not JKD ok
  13. Kotegashi

    Kotegashi Master Of Disaster Staff Member

    Actually he is trained in more then just aikido. He has belts in karate, kendo and judo.

  14. Mason

    Mason Well-Known Member

    Exactly :) Besides that, he has trained Kung Fu and a Tai Chi, but what ranks he holds in those two I don't know at all :)

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