Movies Film - General Commander (USA release May 28)




Format: Movie
Writer/Director: Philippe Martinez
Producers: Philippe Martinez
Cast: Steven Seagal

Plot: Jake Alexander (Sensei Seagal) is a CIA Global Response Staff (GRS) contractor, Southeast Asia division. He is sent on assignment to Macau to apprehend international banker money launderer Walter Thompson. Aided by Macau police chief Chau Ho-Yan, Jake captures Thompson, with the intention of turning Thompson into a witness against those for whom he launders money. But the mission runs afoul when Seagal butts heads with some arms dealers and the situation deteriorates.

General Commander will be released on May 28th.


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Will there be any trailer of this series? To be honest i am not hyped for this series. Everything looks so similiair compared to True Justice, but maybe we are getting a big surprise. But i predict this will be a series where Seagal has just some few scenes, just like in TJ. This series can only work if Seagal fights a lot, or with a well known good director. Let's hope. Bye the way, do you think Attrition is his last movie? Since there are no real new updates?

They are still filming right now in the Phillipines, so a trailer won't be out till summer I guess. That's normal. Attrition won't be his last movie. Right now he is filming General Commander till the end of February. His movies are always announced one at the time. So I don't see any problems.


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Post from Byron Gibson:

Currently working on a great new hard hitting TV Series called "General Commander" playing the no bullshit English Character Tom Benton more news to follow, great stunt coordinator on this who from Dan Inosanto lineage Ron Balicki watch this space.


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From Mica:

I can't wait for the world to meet #MariaLopez bad ass biker chick CIA agent who's got a chip on her shoulder but underneath all that bad assery, a good heart. @generalcommandertv • saw the first episode in full today & I am pleasantly surprised and excited with how KICKASS it is looking so far. For sure will keep you wanting more. Philippe knows wassup.



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Is it me or is Seagal missing on almost every still or piece of info we see about General Commander?


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Indeed, it worries me we haven't seen Seagal yet on pictures of this series. This worries me..
They probably want to finish shooting the first season....then they just insert some Seagal footage make it look like he's there
that's the way True Justice appeared...and so do most of his current movies...they actually make the movie first ...then insert Seagal where it seems to fit.