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Kill Switch - Reviews

Finally know when its coming my way ..nearly gave up even ever seeing it should be here by March..my spy will let me know if it gets snuck in before then..
Since i have to wait till next bloody year to see this movie because of some one thinking Adelaide isnt that important i dont i can be stuffed even seeing it...that movie 'against the dark' will be here about march 25 this year that will do..as for his next movie 'dangerous man' maybe the title may change Joe and Steven can come up with an better title then that come on...


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bellyofb;196064 said:
the press dvd is a stinker. no menue, no making of , just the movie (cut version) and three trailer :/
press dvd? The german one is cut, but it is a well made dvd with a nice making of.
I've seen it yesterday, not so bad and very funny ending...

Did you notice that Billy Joe played also with Steven SEAGAL in Fire Down Below ?


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halkush;196106 said:
Have to wait until "Kill Switch" gets released in Asia.
Hope it is better than "Against the Dark."
No, ATD is a bit better in my opinion, although it is not a real Steven Seagal movie.


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Yeah I kinda thought WTF!! at that scene also..absolutely no idea what that was about or the bit at the start. Well, I know Seagal's brother was killed and presumably that's why he wasn't scared of the cannibal or something??? Who knows but it just seemed like it didn't have a reason for being in the movie.
I do hope this movie is better then 'against the dark' was very disappointed in that one and i normally like horror flicks and thats what that one was just that an flick..almost like it was an rushed job...and he was mumbling i had to turn up the volume to understand him...i know i dont say bad things about his movies much 'against the dark ' was abit dim for me..
I received an 'advanced' copy of Kills Switch as it has not been released yet here in Australia.

Yes mate, it is better than Against the Dark, but that's like saying Justin Timberlake is a better singer than Al Pacino,

I was disappointed yet again. Others, more articulate than I am have already highlighted it's shortcoming. Let me just say the fight sceneces were obviously extended and ruined in post production, A guy falling out of a window 3 times is not impressive.

I found Seagal's 'Well hush my mouth ya'll" accent more East La and not the South. It was further distracting in that none of the other characters has a laid on with a trowel accent like his.

On the plus side he looked a little slimmer, and gave his stunt double a little less to do.

By the way, I can't imagine how anyone could see the flick Against the Dark as anything more than errant pap.

I keep looking for a Seagal movie diamond and keep finding zircons.

I don't understand this logic that ATD is a better movie even though it isn't a STeven Seagal movie?
ATD should never have had Steven appear in it, it's just too silly for words, or maybe Steven is only acting in it as a spoof, a cameo role/
Maybe that sucker was hard to kill and had to take 3 times to knock him off..maybe he was an reject from against the dark ..iam just looking forward to seeing 'killswitch' just like every one else..
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