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Television Lawman Season 2 DVD Release

LAWMAN SEASON 2 will be released on DVD on March 14, 2011 in the UK:


A gripping 2 disc DVD collection presenting the entire second series of Stephen Seagal - Lawman. A fully commissioned deputy sheriff in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, film star and 7th degree black belt Steven Seagal hits the beat with the local police in this unscripted reality show. In the early 1990s, Seagal was recruited to train Jefferson Parish policemen in the art of self-defence. The sessions went so well that Seagal was deputized, and in his spare time he frequently returns to Jefferson Parish to help out the boys in blue. In this series, viewers are invited to ride shotgun with Seagal and his fellow policemen as they work to keep the streets safe. When night falls and the uniform comes off, we then follow Seagal to his sprawling hotel suite in New Orleans. There, the world famous action star reveals a softer side of his personality as he writes songs, works as an animal activist, and promotes Lightning Bolt, his all natural energy drink.



Active Member
Well it wasn't a full size bullet proof vest if i remember correctly. :D Was only the size of the DVD box.
Heck with the vest thing.......what was the story with "The Path Beyond Thought' DVD??????
I asked ages ago.....there is no one here that 'bought' the limited collectors edition of Lawman???
I mean is the PBT just a VHS transfer to DVD format..or did they re-master the video and have chapters etc.???
To me that would have been the key reason to 'fork' out the bucks for the collectors set.