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Im just going to compare it to van dammes new movie that people say is pretty slow & not that interesting called swelter or something like that.

so if its any better than that movie im completely satisfied :)

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Lee Nicholson: You amuse me. You´re still watching the movies of the man though 98% of the people know that he´s doing "shit movies" right now, probably even Steven himself.
So WHY are you still here?
I´m glad that my arguments is starting illicit sympathy in you.
If you're going to "recycle" phrases that have been said to you...make sure they make sense? I've clearly used words that are beyond your limited vocabulary, and it's evident (and quite laughable) when you try to re-use them (that you haven't got a clue what they mean?) Like I said, you're no good at the insults (and it's even sadder, when you're only capable of recycling ones that have just been used against you)
(Example 1) I call YOU a "Moron"......and you reply with "Moron"
(Example 2)
Actually I have the feeling I´m bullying a child
See what I mean?
Everybody knows that Seagal is far away of being on top of his career.
Not much point in having a forum then (given that you're the non-elected spokesperson for everyone around here)
I don´t give a damn whether Seagal is visiting my hometown.
So why bother posting stuff, you don't give a damn about (haven't you got anything constructive to do with your time?)
Have a nice day and be a man instead of crying here.....
Who's crying?
You keep saying I'm mad or crying...with nothing to back it up with. You think if you say something, then it must be the truth (which is about 90% of your overall problem) I'm not mad, or upset or hurt at all. I can do this all day. It's fun to me, because (no offence) you're not very clever (every post you make proves this) Your posts are badly spelt and inarticulate. Bottom line is...You're not very intelligent (and it shines through EVERY post you make)

(Of course, I expect you to simply just hurl the exact same stuff back at me...given your limited imagination?)

Getting back to the topic of A GOOD MAN......Everyone was conversing nicely about his new trailer, until you voiced your opinion of how lousy it looks. I addressed your concerns (and you clearly didn't like it) It's fine that you don't like the trailer or his recent movies....But my question to you (which you *never* seem to answer) is why bother coming to a topic about an actor, that you've called washed up, fat and past his prime? A film, that you've already stated
I´m sorry but I´m not goingt to watch this movie
You can keep dancing round this all day....But the bottom line is, I like Steven Seagal's latter-day movies, and I'm looking forward to seeing A GOOD MAN......That's why I'm here.

What's your excuse?
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REPOST: :) ;)

Trailer 1.

Trailer 2.

Pre-order US:
This title will be released on August 19, 2014. good man steven seagal

Pre-order UK:
This title will be released on August 25, 2014. good man


I's imagine he would look something like this:


That was hiliarious, JoeDirt!! :D

Thanks, Mason! I do like that cover. It reminds me of the arcade game/ride "Arctic Thunder". LOL Maybe a U.S. thing?

And especially thanks for posting the pre-order info! I wasn't sure where to look for that and just today looked at IMDb, but they just had the release date of 2014. The local video store still always gets his movies and sometimes I buy it from them after a few weeks and sometimes they'll sell me an extra copy right away as soon as it comes in.

Definitely looking forward to this!
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Ofcourse, they just dont have it up ;) It will be here, I'm buying it on bluray as I did with Force Of Execution. And I'm also buying Absolution on bluray. Then I'll have all 3 of them on bluray ;)

Not all of Seagals recent stuff gets a UK blu-ray release (the last TRUE JUSTICE release. Nor did A DANGEROUS MAN.
I ask because I'm only buying blu-rays nowadays, that's all. :)


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I'm sure AGM will get a bluray release :) Some times it just takes a little bit longer for the bluray to be put up on Amazon.. ;)


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Too bad, I liked the intial one more. This one is also good, but you know what I mean. The royal palace background.

@ DiDa
if you looked at the bottom of the Splendid page, this DVD is containing a so-called True Justice special + True Justice Season 2 Episode 1 as a bonus. This special is probably Cut Out Man - again. I can't see any possible sense in there, but it is possible.

The running time of the "lost" True Justice episode Cut Out Man is roughly 30 minutes. Roughly 90 minutes (AGM) + 30 minutes (TJ Cut Out Man) = 120 minutes.

This is my personal speculation.

What do you think?