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Pistol Whipped Trailer By Kotegashi

pistol whipped trailer mp4

hi kotegashi, the trailer is very very good... you're a good trailer maker.

Hi Craig i have a problem with the mp4 version. I have a Nokia 5300 and when i started to see the trailer there is only the audio and not the video. It depends that the trailer is hd? ps: my nokia shoud be a mp4 player.
Can you make the 3GP version of the trailer. I would to see the trailer on my phone please... thanks in advice.
Thanks for the trailer.It´s fine

I got the movie yet, I like it even more than Urban Justice, and the movie is open to make sequels,The only thing dissapointing is the huge amount of unnecessary body doubles scenes(not fight scenes) of Georgi Zarkov.

The fight with the chinese guys are incredible.He makes the fights resolution so easy...