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Seagal sex harrassment suit dismissed


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I agree Irishgirl...but..it is too bad that there are some people out there who feel this accuastion had any merit to it....perfect example:

Last Friday I had an Acupunture appointment, and the nurse that works in the office saw my T-Shirt (I was wearing a Steven Seagal Lawman shirt)...and said "Steven Seagal? He's a pretty controversial figure in Hollywood right now." I replied, "Really? He is also trained in Acupuncture"
Hearing Steven talk about Chinese Medicine is part of what made me want to try it, as I have been dealing with several health conditions for the last decade....
So, sadly, some people believed it....and still do.


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Interestingly enough...the same nurse talked to me again today and actually spoke of Steven using
Accupunture in his movies...like Hard To Kill...they actually did a treatment on my back today much like the one he did to himself in that
movie...and I agree...it IS very relaxing :)
Iam all for things that help with pain i have never had Accupuncture but if the time came and nothing else worked i would give it an go..aint afraid of needles at all no matter how big or small all the best with it Barbara


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Am I being persumptious if I say that I don't think we're talking about accupuncture anymore....? But then again I could be mistaken.....:confused:
My needles i inject myself with are very fine sure some times it may sting like if you accidently hit an muscle oh yeah you know if that happens an few words are said..like heck!!! :D..and or darn:) or holy crap:p think you get the message..inject myself 4 times an day BUT some times more depends how naughty i have been and thats hardly ever :pok another pimple on my tongue for telling porkies they say if you lie about some thing you get an pimple on your bum (oh dam) i mean tongue but then again depends how bad you are you may still get an pimple on your bum who knows now to dig myself out of this ..any one got an shovel:eek: