Seagal sex harrassment suit dismissed



YEAH!! I knew she was a golddigger. Now he can go back to Lawman hopefully.


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It was only a matter of time then wasn't it. Let's leave it at that and look ahead at better things to come now.. "Born To Raise Hell", "Machete" and "True Justice" TV series.


Amen to that... just an little miss trying to make an name for her self she did do just that its called 'trash'....


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Glad to hear it!! But it could also mean that he settled out of court!!

Either way I am sure he feels relieved!!
Thank God!!Finally that woman understood how ridiculous her unvalid case was!!Now Steven can officially move on with his life!!!Machete here we come



I am glad about this news.
But I think, one has agreed extrajudicial. Without public!! There is the possibility he, nevertheless, money had to pay. Certainly not the whole sum. Since in every press report a little truth is. It is no matter around what goes it. We know this, nevertheless, everybody.



This is great news. I randomly looked last night to see if there was any news, having not really checked at all in a month or two.

Problem: Where are all the same news outlets that aired the charges? They should be proclaiming the charges being dropped from the rooftops. The media used to champion justice and equal time. They are socially irresponsible. In the case of infotainment, their agenda is always going to be blame first. Just look at what happened to that USDA employee earlier this week. In under 24 hours, she'd lost her job, her friends had deserted her, and she was the subject of scorn.

See! Look! Don't forget this lesson!


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Steven Seagal posted this on Facebook:

Steven Seagal Making Movies and Saving lives. Thanks to all my fans around the globe for your love and support. Steven


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I really don't know what I should think.

Kelly's allegation can I really don't understand. I don't know, what she accuses of him, but she has 3 children with Steven and I think, SO hard couldn't it be to live with him...

And Kayden... In my opinion is it so as the attorney said: If Steven really was so awful to her, why did she come to work again??

Okay, maybe I'm in good faith (hope, thats correct?!), but I can't believe all the allegations.
Maybe he's not branchless, but I won't believe, he's a man, who obligates someone.


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Come on now if Steven ACTUALLY needed a "sex slave"/ personal are quite a few of us women on here that would embrace such a job title/description...

But, on a serious note, I actually have done volunteer work with victims of crime here in RI, and when I was reading the paperwork filed with the court regarding this an advocate..none of what the alleged victim said made sense.

She said she was scared to contact the local police because Steven Seagal was a police officer. Every state has State police that pull rank over the cities/towns, etc...

when she did make her alleged, "escape"...she stated Steven Seagal was chasing her down the driveway with a flashlight and a gun pointed at her....yet the cab driver shouted to Mr. Seagal what a big fan he was of Mr. Seagal before he drove, call me crazy...but if someone, ANYONE was chasing my car/cab with a gun and a flashlight, I don't think I would be saying what a big fan I was...having a gun pointed at oneself would not be an appropriate time to express my appreciation to the person HOLDING said gun..

and, most of all, she NEVER pressed charges against him...just sued him.

Just saying...


The problem for Seagal is that if he is totally innocent there are some who believe that where there is smoke there is fire.

Typically, 'celebrities' are targeted for law suits when actually it a subtle form of blackmail. The person is really saying something like "Pay me by settling out of court or I'll wreck your reputation".

In Seagal's case his reputation is fine and no allegations against him have been substantiated.


Think we should be all over this now ..iam sure he is... time to move on and see what he has in store for us down the track..