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Steven at Romania again !!!

Dont worry Suzi his barks worse then his bite...He really is an pussy cat...plus he wouldnt get angry with Suzi if he did girl i will sort him out.. hows that?..


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Steven Seagal a vrut ca toata lumea prezenta la Bucharest Fashion Week sa afle ca este si cantaret. Special pentru colectia 10 Life a fotbalistului Adrian Mutu, vedeta americana a adus un cd cu melodii interpretate de el.

Chiar daca s-a cam plictisit la festivalul de moda de la Bucuresti, Steven Seagal nu a ratat ultima seara a evenimentului. El a venit insotit de o tanara cu trasaturi asiatice. Actorul a fost flancat de garzile de corp care si-au luat rolul in serios si au imbrancit pe toata lumea, inclusiv pe Raluca Badulescu care a avut ghinionul sa stea in apropiera vedetei americane. La inceput, Steven Seagal a dat semne de plictiseala cronica, dar a fost scos din amorteala de prezentarea colectiei 10 Life, de la casa de moda ai carei proprietari sunt Adrian Mutu si nasul lui, Nicu Gheara.


Manechinele lui Mutu au defilat pe muzica lui Steven Seagal care a inceput sa cante si sa bata ritmul in scaun. Pentru ca Seagal nu are prea multe melodii inregistrate, modelele au defilat si pe reluarile melodiei preferate de actorul american cu veleitati de cantaret. De cealalta parte a salii, cele trei componente ale trupei Trident au trait muzica la maxim si au incercat sa fredoneze refrenul in speranta ca ii vor atrage atentia lui Seagal.


I guess they talking about music etc..
May be some Romanian friends helps us what they are saying..




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Clarissa said:
it seems that he likes here. this is not bad. not at all.
welcome back !!! Yes he liked Romania !!! For this reason I'm angry to him because he didn't come Turkey yet !!! girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!:D

heeeeeeeeeeeee I jelaous you !!!!!! :D
Don't be so jealous...it's not my fault he is here... :)))))
and anyway...it seems that he is doing good things (giving gifts to poor children) and bad things (looking after girls, but this is not so bad if we take into consideration his reputation:))))).

unfortunately he is not very visible on tv in Romania. I am sure there are many things to be said about his beliefs and experience. But nobody cares about the fact that this guy could be really interesting.this is it.
bhs said:
I am jealous to!

Denmark is a wonderful country:):D

Any news how long he will stay this time?

in fact I have a good reason to be jealous, you have a wonderful photo from him, I don't. And this is not fair! I wrote him too! Even if my letter came from Romania and yours from Denmark!!!! I was so so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!