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"Steven We Love You"(off-topic)


Steven Seagal Fan
He sings it with Jimmy Cliff. Actually it's by Jimmy Cliff. I got it a long time ago from Winmx, which I don't even go on anymore. When I downloaded it I didn't even know that Steven sang in the song. The song is played in the movie MFD. When Steven is in the bar looking for Screwfaces girlfriend. Jimmy Cliff sings most of the song but Steven does do his part singing and I melt everytime I here it.


Smile dammit!
littledragon869 said:
I find it very annoying, we are not deaf you know.

I LOVE STEVEN SEAGAL. Ok! Point heard, what more needs to be said?!
Heather has made a big gesture by agreeing to this so cut the stupid comments out eh?The comment about being deaf is amusing. I read it,don't know about you! Didn't you once say your martial arts skills were unsurpassed? Yeah,whatever.....
Ps. Sorry you're so upset about it all Heather.It all leaves a rotten taste in my mouth,the whole business. Chin up hey?*Storm gives you a hug*
Pps. Apologies for coming on your thread,which isn't about this i know.


I Belong To Steven
Dang Heather, Steven made you a poetress too! :D

Dear Sensei,
You are the most amazing man on this earth, and I adore you in every way!
I know, that there will never be anyone that will affect me the way you do, my darling!
You are phenomenal!
I love you! :)
Thanks Lotussan those words are so true "phenomenal" that says it all hey?..Me a poet nah, beleive it or not it just came out like that..Heather...Steven i promise i will be here when ever you need me, just whistle really loud..Love Enternal......


I Belong To Steven
Well, time for those sweet dreams, come on Steven...
But then, he's always here, right here with me...;)
Thanks for the thread Heather, you're really sweet...:)
Right back at ya girl..I think the "sandman is getting me"..Time for bed .Heather.xx.PS
Lotussan you are sweet for saying that iam sweet,hey were both sweeties.


I Belong To Steven
Oh, Steven....
You need some serious play time, honey...
Please don't work too hard, baby...
And please don't play too hard with anyone else...
Save all your best lovin' just for me, ok darlin? ;)
I'm saving all of my love just for you! :)
Take care of yourself, ok? ;)
Goodmorning everyone .I just want to say how beautiful the Big guy is and I also would like to say that if Craig starts an "I love Steven " section then it will be the most used section ever. Come on girls lets get this ball rolling


I Belong To Steven
Mine is Feb 26 next month, maybe I'll get lucky, and what
I want this year, and you all know that what I want is Steven,
now don't you?
Oh, of course I am not talking about just a fling with him...
Ah well, I guess I probably want too much, but I can wish, eh?
And I do, do, do, my every waking minute, and I don't regret it!
He makes life so sweet!
hehehehehe! ;)

Dearest Sensei,
I pray that you are reading this...
You are everything I have ever wished for in a man, my love!
You are handsome, powerful, spiritual, inspiring, gentle, compassionate, passionate, unique, and soooooooooo charismatic, you're the most interesting man on this planet!
Sensei, you are AMAZING!
Simply unbelieveable to me...
You have stolen my whole heart away, Steven!
And you know something?
You make me smile. :)
I am so in love with you, my darling!
I adore you so so so much!