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Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2005


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Thank you.

I'll be starting a new thread for 2006. I'm just finding it a bit difficult at the moment to find the time. Should have something up by the weekend.
Has anybody noticed that over on digitalbits.com they have Mercenary For Justice announced to be released by FOX on April 18. I am assuming that this is Seagal's Mercenary.

Mama San

According to IMDb, (you can take that for what it's worth)

Mercenary For Justice
Plot Outline: A mercenary gets involved in a mission that threatens the lives of his kin. In order to succeed, he must break into one of the most wellguarded prisons in Eastern Europe and free the son of the most notorious drug lord in the world today

Credited cast:
Steven Seagal .... John Seeger
Luke Goss .... Dresham
Jacqueline Lord .... Maxine Barnol
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Vivian Bieldt
Shirly Brener .... TV Reporter
Peter Butler
Jeannie de Gouveia .... Bank Assistant
Adrian Galley .... Bulldog
Dan Hurst .... Mercenary #1
Langley Kirkwood .... Kruger

Also Known As:
Mercenary (USA) (working title)
Repentance (USA) (working title)
MPAA: Rated R for violence and language.
Country: USA / South Africa
Language: English
Color: Color
Certification: USA:R

God bless,
Mama san
New titles on IMDB: Under Siege 3

Hey peeps,

According to the Internet Movie Database, Seagal has announced there is going to be an Under Siege part 3.


In fact there are 4 movies there now:

# Under Siege 3 (2007) (announced) (producer)
# Harvester (2006) (post-production) (executive producer)
# Shadows of the Past (2006) (post-production) (producer)
# Mercenary for Justice (2005) (V) (completed) (executive producer)

Anyone have more info on Under Siege 3 ?

This is what IMDB has to say:

Tagline: Terror Flies High

Plot Outline: Casey Ryback is sent on a mission to take out Muslim terrorists who have taken over a flight from Israel to USA.


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The Under Seige project has been kicking around for a really long time. Please remember, that anyone with a pro membership, whether they have actual information or not, can post anything they want, anywhere they want.

It's true that Steven has a script for Under Seige 3, that he's had for a very long time. However, he hasn't (unless it's changed recently) had the backing to get it off the ground.

Most folks here will believe in Under Seige 3 when they see it. When Suzi posts production photos from it, then we'll be convinced... ;)


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He also said there would not be a sequel to the first one if i remember correctly. ;)

I guess if he's looking for a comeback hit, why not return to something that proved successful?
Craig Robertson said:
He also said there would not be a sequel to the first one if i remember correctly. ;)

I guess if he's looking for a comeback hit, why not return to something that proved successful?

Yeah - like Into The Sun - ok, ok, I'm nagging here, I just like that film
so much LOLOL!!!! I've watched that and The Patriot so many times, I just about know them word for word including the Japanese words!
seagaljr said:
I igree but i don't know i don't think it wil be better than undersiege1 are it must be i very good script
A lot of scope for martial arts in an Into The Sun sequel though, plus scope to see others other than aikido moves. I do love steven with a sword in his hands. Could throw in some ninja enemies too. The mind is working overtime on this one LOL!!!

I think you`re all right about the comeback but if wants a real great comeback he should give himself 100% for the movie!

So no more voice dubbels! No more stand-ins for the most rediculas scenes!
He`s most do it al himself!

When he gives himself 100% you got a great movie: see Into The Sun and Today You Die

I dream of a full blown Under Siege 3. Really tense, well directed and believable. Why he can't get training and get himself in shape so he can run, jump and kick more serious ass i don't know... Havn't enjoyed any of his recent films, expt ITS. Bring on Under Siege 3! I think I would die if that came out!

Hope everyone is watching 24 Season 6... OMG!