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The Keeper - Reviews

You have to appreciate what you have Martin. Lets face it we won't be getting anymore Above The Law or Marked For Death movies anymore. Seagal did what he had to do back in the day, we should all be appreciative that he is still making movies.

I do agree with you, instead of making all these mediocre DTV releases he should combine that money and make one big budget one. But he wants the quick money and he doesn't want to commit for months and months of shooting because he has all these other projects going on. TV shows, cd's, music touring, movie cameos, traveling, etc...

However I do feel his recent DTV releases, Driven To Kill and The Keeper have been a huge step up from other DTV releases like Shadow Man, Mercenary For Justice, Today You Die, etc...

Seems like with the exception of Against The Dark and Kill Switch, his current DTV releases have been good one for these DTV release standards...

Pistol Whipped, Urban Justice, Driven To Kill and The Keeper were all great DTV releases.

Martin01;199458 said:
It's funny to see how everyone here says to every new film how great it is, although it's just another cheap DTV movie and miles away from the films 1988-2001.
I give maximum just a 6/10, I was disappointed. The film has a good look and good music with Seagal in good humour, but just very little action, too much dialogues and very little and very bad choreographed fight scenes. Seagal is also fat as always and just laughable for an action star. The showdown is not satisfying and too short. Sometimes during watching the movie, I was bored. It was an ok movie, but for me surely not that good as someone here says.

The trailer for Dangerous Man looks also bad, and Born to raise hell will be shot in Eastern Europe, so there is no improvement in sight.

I should watch one of the older movies and just forget the trash he did after 2001.
You all are right, We will propably not get such excellent movie as Under Siege, Hard To Kill etc. His oldest movies are on the level from 85% to 95%(in my opinion). ...His movies from 2003 to 2006 were not so good either. In my opinion only one movie per year was ok(level from 50 to 70%): 2003 - BotB, 2004 - OoR, 2005 - TYD, 2006 - MfJ. The rest of the movies(2003-2006) damaged his carrer. But Steven's latest movies are again very decent. UJ, PW, DTK, The Keeper and The Onion Movie are big steps on the old, right way of making movies. I would rated all of them about 70%.Steven will not be so thin like in 90's, but if he get into the shape from Exit Wounds, he could make new Under Siege and return to the cinemas again. After Machete is a unique chance to do that. He must stop doing 10 mil USD budget movies and start to do 20 mil. USD budget movies. It will save his career.


Master Of Disaster
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Machete is another step up for Seagal. It's only a supporting role and he plays a bad guy (so he will probably die in this one), but it just could set him back on the big screen. There are some big names involved like DeNiro.

With these projects and perhaps with lawman (introducing Seagal back to major crowds) he just might get his hands on a good come back deal.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

And yes the 8/10 I gave is in comparison to his other dtv's.

Actually I really think he will release at least one more major film in theaters. I agree with you... That is the reason the U.S. release of The Keeper was pushed back, they will promote it with the Lawman show.

With these type of roles, the tv show, much better dtv releases from Seagal and a new interest of Seagal in the media... if his marketing team is smart, he will use all that publicity and work on a big project to be released in theaters... maybe his best shot is Under Siege 3. But I have a feeling late 2010 or early 2011 he will have at least one last major film released in theaters.

Kotegashi;199471 said:
Machete is another step up for Seagal. It's only a supporting role and he plays a bad guy (so he will probably die in this one), but it just could set him back on the big screen. There are some big names involved like DeNiro.

With these projects and perhaps with lawman (introducing Seagal back to major crowds) he just might get his hands on a good come back deal.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

And yes the 8/10 I gave is in comparison to his other dtv's.



Disgruntled fan!
Sadly folks, it's not Seagal's choice what budgets he chooses. If he only did one film a year instead of two, it would still be 10 million. Halfing the amount of films, won't mean doubling the budget. And if anything, if he does less films, the budgets will get even lower, so the DVD companies can make as much money as possible. They'd be halfing their revenue, so they wouldn't leave output the same.
know what ? many movies that have big budget, even over 100 mil are pure crap. so don't tell met that the budget is the only thing that can make his movies great. the major thing is the director and screenplay. Waxman show us this.


Disgruntled fan!
slawek_wozniak;199479 said:
know what ? many movies that have big budget, even over 100 mil are pure crap. so don't tell met that the budget is the only thing that can make his movies great. the major thing is the director and screenplay. Waxman show us this.

Blood And Bone was awesome and that was a much lower budget than what Seagal is working with.
My review

First Words:
... this time i wasn't that fast, because i was on vacation in Mexico, but here's my review. Overall i really liked the film, even if there cleary weren't enough fights to please a hardcore Seagal Fan.

Best story since many years. Extreme straight forwarded, very interesting, no CIA Bull****. Awesome!


The Action is pretty decent overall, altough it really could had more action in it. And i mean more fights, more gunfights, and so on. But the Action was made very well, the shootouts looked good, so i can only give a good rating. I would give 4, but because of the not so huge amount, only 3.5


The fights were cool. Again a bit too much closeups (as always....) but overall cool. It was always Seagal (or you couldn't see the double) and there were some cool movies. But only a few fight scenes, really not enough!


I did't notice any dubbing, only a few words in the beginning.


Stunt Doubles:
I couldn't see any...


I thought Steven Seagal acted funny, great and interesting, but i thought the other actors were pretty bad... more worst than in other Seagal flicks, but it was OK.


Only a few One-Liners, but they were cool-


I couldn't see any...


Pretty decent. I would say, the same Quality than Pistol Whipped.


Great. Sounds like an A-Movie Score. Awesome.


Overall Rating:
I really loved that movie, its a cool action flick with a great story, a great Seagal, some great short fight scenes, and all is done pretty good. But why don't they put more fight scenes in it??? This is where Seagal shines!! And why has to camera always be so close to the fights (even if its better than in previous films). But however, the movie is cool and im sure every Seagal Fan loves to watch it!!

Ill give it 4/5


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I'm sure you liked the film also because of the nice american atmosphere with Texas touch :)

I agree completely with the fight scenes.
Mikeymo.com reviews 'The Keeper'

it scored lower than DTK but i think its a positive review


'The Keeper is, if I have counted correctly, the 18th Straight-To-DVD movie starring Steven Seagal since his last flopped cinematic outing Half Past Dead in 2002. Since then we've been treated to a steady flow of multiple DTV movies a year all varying in quality but never actually living up to the ghost of Seagal past, even though some did come close like Driven To Kill. I had some high hopes for The Keeper as it not only stars Seagal but is also written and produced by him. So at least I expect him to give his best effort to bring his fans (the last of 'em) something they so desperately crave, right?

Well yes and no actually. The movie starts of with something annoying with witnessed too much of in the past: dubbing. During the opening scene clearly someone who's not Seagal is voicing him once more. Something I did not expect from a movie that is written and produced by him. He has a "vanity-project" after all these years in DTV-hell and he even won't do some looping in post-production? I felt kinda raped after I noticed this dubbing. Other than the opening-sequence there is only line being dubbed so the damage is fairly small, but still, I've always hated it since the first movie it occurred in and it really works against the movie.

During this opening scene Seagal (named Roland this time but who cares?) is a cop (surprise!) who has been decorated and awarded many times in the past (another big surprise) busts some drug dealers who are counting their money. One gunfight later we find Seagal and his partner with lots of dead drug dealers and $2 million. The partner jokes about taking the money but Seagal, honest as he is, refuses so his partner shoots him. But Seagal, as we all know, is Hard To Kill and survives the blast that would've killed any other man as is mentioned in the dialogue. When his partner comes to look him up in the hospital to finish the unfinished business Seagal disposes of him and starts to work on his recovery and we're treated to a training montage.
Meanwhile in New Mexico an old cop-buddy who's now a wealthy oil tycoon has a daughter who was almost kidnapped the other day and decides to contact Seagal and offer him a job as a bodyguard. Seagal accepts since he's forced to retire after being shot and starts doing security his way, meaning lots of broken bones.

I've already mentioned some of the bad of The Keeper and while there is more let's start of with the good. Even though there are not that many fight scenes the ones that are are almost Seagal classic. They even throw in some of those just-for-fun scenes that have no real meaning to the plot but are just for entertainment purposes only. The night-store robbery in Hard To Kill, the bar-fight in On Deadly Ground. This time he beats some men up who are molesting a young woman and a couple of guys harrassing a girl in a nightclub. I see a pattern here.
These scenes are classic Seagal and while they do use the rapid editing technique he still does his own fighting and does not shy away from using footwork.
What I also liked was how the movie looked like it was shot on location in New Mexico. Over the last couple of years most movies were shot in some eastern European country like Bulgary or Romania and while cheap to film there they never have pretty sights and never really are convincing in pretending to be America, France, Germany or Amsterdam. The director films pretty straight-forward so there are no flash-cuts here this time. The most inspirational sequence is the operating scene when we're treated to all kinds of slow-motion close-up shots of injection-needles and other medical equipment.
The script, while not completely original as it rips Hard To Kill, Man On Fire amongst other fits Seagal nicely. No Vampires or brainwashed soldiers here this time. These kinds of movies are tailor-made for him and I wonder why they even go to the trouble to explain to us how good he was by showing trophies and certificates he has. This is Steven Seagal, he has been playing the same role for over 20 years now. When we see a movie we directly assume he's an un-killable cop with a shady past and highly skilled in martial arts. No need to set up his character when it's his standard role I guess, but for the new viewers (if there are any) it is obligatory of course.

Then there's the bad. Next to the dubbing there are other sloppy elements. Standard goofs like missing elements: in one scene a GPS-necklace miraculously disappears from one shot to the next, but also fairly large ones like the name of Seagal's character. In the beginning he's introduced to us as Roland Salinger. With an S. Second half of the movie he is referred to as Roland Balinger, with a B. Now I can live with small errors/goofs like missing necklaces but a name change like this is freaking stupid!

The Keeper is in terms of rating a standard Seagal DTV-movie: Far from great, mediocre yet entertaining enough to hold your attention its entire running time. I place this movie somewhere between Driven To Kill or Pistol Whipped and Kill Switch. I liked it because it was entertaining enough: Seagal is as human now as he was in Hard To Kill or Above The Law. There are some entertaining fight-scenes that really echo the early 90's. Too bad Seagal did not put in the effort to do some post-production looping and the sloppiness of the script/director because that's what's keeping this film from being a good DTV movie.

Rating 2.5/5'


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A positive review? I'm not sure that 2.5/5 really counts as positive?

I'm glad to see that some of us are being realistic. While The Keeper (2009) is a step up from many of Seagal's other DTV releases, when compared with the films from his glory years and indeed many other lower budget DTV releases it pales into comparison, and it certainly not a cinema worthy film. The fact that he does have a film being released to theaters is why I think he should be doing better.
It is true that Seagal will never be in the same shape as he was twenty or even ten years ago. However unless he gets in some sort of shape it is hard to take him seriously as an action star. His age shouldn't be a barrier to this as plenty of action stars have made films when they were older than Seagal is now, like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson or like Sylvester Stallone is now.
I think that if Seagal were to choose his projects more carefully it would hugely benefit his career. Instead of churning out multiple small budget DTV releases in a year, focussing on one higher budget film and giving it the attention it needs would be more beneficial to his career. Unfortunately Seagal is caught in a trap where because he is willing to make some many low budget films in a year he makes too much money for the studios. They then keep offering him these quick buck projects which are an easier prospect for him rather than taking the risk and investing time and effort in a film that is worthy to go to theaters.
I want Seagal to do well and that's why it is so frustrating that with a cinema release and a TV series in sight he is still picking up projects like On the Run and Born to Raise Hell (both 2010). It makes me worry about just how small his part in Machete (also 2010) is. Has he done it as more of a joke like the disaster that was The Onion Movie (2008)? Or perhaps he acted like a jerk like he did on the set of Exit Wounds (2001) and so again has come away with no decent film offers. Either way I think he needs to think long and hard about what direction wants the final years of his career to go in.
marky96;199513 said:
A positive review? I'm not sure that 2.5/5 really counts as positive?
well he was positive in the review if u read it..i dont get it though..just 2 years ago he was making films with someone who dubbed him 95% of the time,with stunt doubles and with really lame storylines and a cast not even worth mentioning...Now we get a string of well made,action films and u still complain..i say one step at a time..he will ne in his first reality show in december which looks to be kick ass,he will get his first cinema release in nearly a DECADE in April,and he has his first villain role in the film..I think it's going great and he is slowly getting back,while making very good movies..
outforamovie;199514 said:
well he was positive in the review if u read it..i dont get it though..just 2 years ago he was making films with someone who dubbed him 95% of the time,with stunt doubles and with really lame storylines and a cast not even worth mentioning...Now we get a string of well made,action films and u still complain..i say one step at a time..he will ne in his first reality show in december which looks to be kick ass,he will get his first cinema release in nearly a DECADE in April,and he has his first villain role in the film..I think it's going great and he is slowly getting back,while making very good movies..
I absolutely agree and that's why I am affraid of BTRH. I think that it will be a useless film for Seagal.
The Keeper's Review from Vern

Steven Seagal is The Keeper

THE KEEPER is Steven Seagal’s new movie, still no release date in the U.S. but already released in England, where Seagal is so popular they even published a groundbreaking book that chronologically analyzes all his works up to PISTOL WHIPPED. This one isn’t as strong as RENEGADE JUSTICE (URBAN JUSTICE to us Americans) or PISTOL WHIPPED, and not much better than the okay DRIVEN TO KILL, but don’t worry, it’s much better than the less-than-half-assed AGAINST THE DARK and the Guinness Book of World Records-worthy all time most disorienting editing of KILL SWITCH.

The pace is slow and it’s light on weirdness (at least KILL SWITCH has that crazy twist ending) but overall a fairly solid effort. Seagal continues his Old Charles Bronson phase, and as I re-watch parts of it to write this review I find myself really appreciating the little character moments, a sign of a DTV that’s gonna grow on me in repeat viewings.

Seagal plays Roland Sallinger, an L.A. cop forced to retire after his partner shoots him over some drug money. Luckily an old friend from the Romanian police force hires him to come to Bucharest to bodyguard his daughter, whose boyfriend is the star forward on the Tornadoes football team. Just kidding – that’s what it says on the back of the DVD, but in the actual movie he goes to Texas and the boyfriend is a famous boxer. That’s a better setting in my opinion, although it fails to communicate what the box says about the gang problems being rooted in the fall of communism.

So yes, he gets a big white cowboy hat and goes down to Texas to protect his friend’s daughter (Liezl Carstens, who was also in URBAN JUSTICE and looks alot like Krista from BLADE: THE SERIES) from kidnappers working for a corrupt business rival and alleged white/Hispanic separatist. This is one of those movies where they say the bad guy’s racist just to make him more hateable and then don’t really back it up, like the way THE PATRIOT tells you the militia men are neo-Nazis without showing any evidence.

Some of the old Seagalogy motifs discussed in that popular English book are back in play. No CIA background, but he does have a fight in a bar and speaks a bunch of Spanish (not just phrases but also an entire subtitled conversation). It seems like it’s headed toward the traditional DTV Era awkward-love-scene-with-much-younger-woman, but that goes unrealized. The girl the Keeper Keeps seems to get a crush on him, but he doesn’t go for her. And I’m glad, because she remembers him buying her gifts when she was a little girl. It would’ve been creepy.

One thing I like about this movie is that it’s the opposite of those murky Seagal cloak and dagger deals I got so sick of a couple years ago. The Keeper can see through people, he knows who to trust (except for that partner that shot him) and the movie extends those powers to us. So the girl’s famous boxer boyfriend who seems like an asshole really will betray her, and everybody who seems nice won’t. It’s funny because he has so many people being nice to him I figured one of them would have to stab him in the back. The old friend and the limo driver even start acting suspicious. But the Keeper makes them explain themselves and everybody stays loyal. It’s kind of sweet.

I’m not saying he’s a “Promise Keeper,” but the Keeper does keep his promises and his loyalties. He’s a good friend.

I also like that it’s kind of like HARD TO KILL but how he would handle it now that he’s older and more experienced. Now he just takes care of **** right away instead of coming back 7 years later for revenge. He kills the guy who betrayed him while he’s still in his hospital bed. (There are 2 early scenes where he fakes being unconscious and looks like a kid faking sleep, looking around and then closing his eyes before someone sees him). Then he just does normal physical therapy like anybody else, and a little bit of the ol’ at home training. Now he has to wear reading glasses when he prepares his guns, he sighs alot and even looks at himself in the mirror and shakes his head. But since he already took care of the revenge he can forget about the partner who shot him and use the rest of the movie for a totally separate adventure.

The action is middle of the road. It’s mostly Seagal’s quick aikido pummelings, shot a little too close. There’s some gore and a vehicle chase that I thought was pretty good despite alot of greenscreened driving shots. I like that he gets in some fights unrelated to the main plot, like when the limo driver stops because some thugs are threatening his hot cousin. That’s in the tradition of the old HARD TO KILL stopping-at-a-liquor-store-during-a-robbery. I also got a laugh when the girl has been abducted and he storms into a house and kills two guys… who are hanging out with the weasely boyfriend who sold her out to save his own skin. At first you assume these are the *******s holding her hostage, but no, they’re just the boyfriend’s buddies. Sorry guys, you’re dead.

THE KEEPER isn’t bad, but it’s not one of the movies where Seagal goes the extra mile. In fact, not even the full mile. His first lines of dialogue are dubbed by someone else, and there are several obvious uses of a back-of-the-head double. On the other hand, he completely owns the role of The Keeper, or at least the packaging claims so: STEVEN SEAGAL IS THE KEEPER. (Unfortunately it doesn’t say that on the credits, so I can’t add it to my short list of “is” movies.)

By the way, I know everybody hated the cover for the original self-published version of Seagalogy, but I think it’s looking more and more prophetic:

I swear, with one of these movies they’re accidentally gonna make it exactly the same as my cover, even more than THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS.

One missed opportunity is with this ***** boyfriend. He’s supposed to be this famous boxer, obviously Seagal should fist fight him toward the end. But not only does this guy not box with Seagal, he doesn’t really box with anyone after he’s introduced in the ring. And he doesn’t look tough, either. They could’ve done better with this character.

I like the scene where Roland practices with his throwing knives and has trouble getting them to stick. And I like how quiet and modest he is for most of the movie. He’s got a few quips, but for the most part isn’t as cocky as Seagal’s usual characters. The girl says he seems lonely, and it’s true. I bet his partner was his best friend, and now there’s just a hole there. He keeps thinking “man, I gotta tell Trevor about this” and then remembers that he’s never gonna see Trevor again because he killed him. And rightfully so.

For these recent Seagal pictures I’ve been saving the stats for when and if I ever do an update of SEAGALOGY, but this one has a “Just How Badass Is This Guy?” worth quoting: “I’ve seen you do **** that’s beyond belief. Hell, you’re the inspiration for every guy that ever applied for the SWAT team.” I’m not sure how inspirational THE KEEPER is, but it’s good enough that for Seagal fans like me it keeps hope alive.



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Film Critics United Review.

Personally I was getting a little concerned. It had been a good three months and I haven’t seen a Steven Seagal movie. Had he retired? Is he ill? I was genuinely concerned. Then I see that my man was simply taking care of other interests in between shooting five or six Straight to DVD movies at a time. He does still has to manage his exploding music career and more importantly he’s added a new dimension to his status as a modern renaissance man in ‘Reality TV Star’ as his show ‘Lawman’ gets set to air on the A&E Network. Outstanding. But his movie career is still a priority as we get a chance to view Steve’s latest epic in waiting… ‘The Keeper’

As our film opens grizzled L.A. cop Rolland Sallinger (Seagal) and his partner Trevor (Brian Keith Gamble) violently take down some drug dealing thugs. Trevor observes there’s a couple million on the table and suggest he and his partner liberate some of this loot. His partner responds with ‘mutha ****a, I though I knew you!’. Unfortunately Rolland is not a good judge of character because Trevor shoots him in the chest. Trevor probably should’ve checked his pulse because we here all know that my man is Hard To Kill and much to Trevor’s surprise he gets word that this cat is still breathing, so now he has to traipse on off the hospital and finish the job. Good luck with that Trevor.

Moving on Rolland is now on the mend and finds himself released from his cherished cop gig for medical reasons which has him depressed. Fortunately his boy from back in the day, Connor Wells (Steph DuVall), has some security issues surrounding his daughter Nikita (Leizl Carstens), in that somebody is trying to kidnap her. Who better to protect the hottie than toughest and smartest and meanest guy on the planet earth?

Connor apparently has some issues with local gangster Jason Cross (Luce Raines) who wants something that Connor possesses in addition to hating Mexicans. I gotta tell you, Connor and his daughter don’t look very Hispanic to me but then I’m no genealogist.

Eventually, despite Rolland’s best efforts, the bad guys get the girl. If they knew what we know and they had the chance to do it all over again… they probably wouldn’t have taken her in the first place because Hell has come to San Antonio! Or somewhere. I forget where this movie takes place.

So I’m talking to a friend of mine and I inform him that Seagal has new movie out. After making the typical jokes such as ‘Is it a three word title?’ and such he asks me ‘Why do watch that ****?’ First off Mr. Know-It-All, it’s a two word title this time, though it does have three syllables with the real question being ‘Why DON’T you watch this ****?’ That’s the question he should be asking himself. By opening my world to ALL movies and not just the movies that those mind-controlling Hollywood FatCats choose to release to theaters, I own this world baby. So while this clown is waiting for the next lame sequel or remake he fills his time watching Reality TV when he could be watching all kinds of fine films. Of course that prattle has very little to do with this movie ‘The Keeper’ but you know… there really isn’t much to say about this movie.

Directed by Keoni Waxman whose last movie of his we saw being the lackluster ‘Shooting Gallery’, The director has crafted a movie that is almost as lackluster as that one was. The good thing about ‘The Keeper’ at least thematically speaking, this is one Steven Seagal movie seems to be working with a completed screenplay because it’s not nearly as ridiculous and nonsensical of some his more recent DVD spectaculars and it is better than some of his worst movies, but even some of those movies… say something like ‘Submerged’… had a lot of energy to them while making absolutely no sense, an energy that was lacking in ‘The Keeper’.

It’s difficult to pinpoint why this particular movie came off as so muted as Steve was doing what he does, relying less and less on his stuntman, engaging in extremely one-sided fist fights and there were plenty of shoot outs, car crashes and car chases to be had but none of it really sizzled. I know one thing that didn’t help this movie was that Seagal was the best actor in the movie. That’s trouble right there. Brian Keith Gamble playing Stevie’s duplicitous partner seemed to be a pretty good actor and he did bring some energy to his scenes but he was dismissed early in the first act so we can’t really count him. Everybody else in this flick looked as if they were on valium or were just trying to remember their lines. Worst still is that the bad guy wasn’t nearly bad enough. So by the time Steve got around to the business of lazily snapping everybody’s neck you wonder if they really deserved this harsh punishment since they barely did anything worthy of death inducing punishment.

The good thing about a Steven Seagal movie, good, bad or otherwise, is that another is merely days away so despite the fact that ‘The Keeper’ wasn’t all that good he might be able to make it up with the next one. Or not. But it’s coming regardless.



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Tim Issac's review at Movie Muser.

Steven Seagal must have a pretty nice life. He makes two or three generic straight-to-DVD action movies a year, which don’t demand much of him, but presumably make him enough money to be able to live a very nice life. And they must sell pretty well, as they keep making more of them.

The Keeper is just as boringly generic as the rest. Seagal plays Rolland Sallinger, who leaves the LAPD after almost getting killed by his partner (although predictably he manages to kill his assailant). He then heads off to Texas to be the bodyguard of the daughter of an old friend, as it’s believed she’s in danger of being kidnapped by a gang that wants something from her father. While Rolland tries to protect her, it gets more difficult when he realises he doesn’t have all the facts about his assignment.

The script comes off as the sort of thing that wouldn’t even make a particularly good episode of a second-rate action TV series. The dialogue is pretty tedious and the plot is incredibly run-of-the-mill. That said, what did you expect from a straight-to-DVD Seagal film?

However as with many other recent Seagal straight-to-DVD movies, the real problem is that the star is now in his late 50s and looking a bit portly, and he simply doesn’t have the action moves that he used to. They try to make it look like he’s still got what it takes in the fighting stakes, but it’s mostly done through tricksy editing that hides what’s actually going on. Despite a hefty dose of violence, it simply doesn’t give you the visceral thrills it did when Seagal really could kick ass.

The Keeper really is an incredibly generic and thrown together piece of action cinema, with nothing to distinguish it at all. If no one involved in making it seems to care about it, why would the viewer? It doesn’t even include any special features, other than a trailer.

Overall Verdict: A dull run-of-the-mill action piece that underlines that Segal isn’t the action star he once was.



Happy go Lucky
Overall Verdict: A dull run-of-the-mill action piece that underlines that Segal isn’t the action star he once was.

Of course not, he is not in his 30's anymore. He is 50 plus.