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The Keeper - Reviews


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Danistz19;199379 said:
thank you very much for photos i cant wait to see the movie.From where i cant download if someone know please tell me.
This is not the place to ask members where you can download the movie!


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Unfortunately no word on a dutch release yet. This is one time I'll be one of the last to see. And just when it sounds so promissing!



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Well, first of all I'd like to say that Seagal has continued his run of good dtv movies. The Keeper is by no means a great Seagal movie though.

The acting was good on the whole, the script was weak in places and maybe a bit ambitious in a few for the actors that were in the movie, the acting was reasonable though and everyone made a good attempt. Seagal was okay, he played the tired guy at the start really well, part of me gets the feeling that it wasn't all acting though. Seagal is getting a lot older looking, his voice is dubbed for a couple of lines at the very start but not again as far as I could hear. He is very quiet though, ranging from almost inaudible to really clear when he shouts. His character is a little more human and it was nice to see him playing the killing machine with a few smiles for a change.
The look of the movie was real good, the lighting and the colours were rich and vibrant and very fresh. The movie was quite slow-paced and despite the plot being about someone's kidnapped daughter it was all pretty low-key even when she was kidnapped. The movie was also very short and I get the feeling that a little more padding could have been used, especially during the time when she was kidnapped, it'd have been nice to see a little more regret and tears from the father. It definately seemed much shorter than Pistol Whipped or Driven to Kill despite it being only 10 mins shorter.
The action is there, but it's not much, there are a couple of short shootouts and the bullet impact is done really well, the impact of the guns, especially at the end is spectacular. Action is very cliched, only two short fights which are pretty poorly shot/edited and nothing we haven't seen before. It just seemed like people who scripted the action didn't know what to put in the movie, they are very cliched and generic.
It wasn't as fun or as action packed as Driven to Kill, not as sleekly edited or directed as Pistol Whipped and not as brutal and old-style Seagal as Urban Justice. Bit of a step down in my opinion, the slightly dodgy editing in Driven to Kill I could overlook because of the huge amount of action in it.
The Keeper was largely a forgettable average DTV movie, nothing we haven't seen before. I think On the Run/Dangerous Man looks better in terms of originality and action overall. Still, check it out, it's still Seagal and there's still a few good moments to be had and it's lightyears ahead of Attack Force.

Now that some continuity has been established and he is making solid 90 minute DTV efforts, let's lose some weight Seagal and do something fresh and slighly unexpected. 6/10.


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thank you very very much the movie its fantastic Steven is good like always movie is perfect for me thank you for favor very nice from your side.
I have already seen The Keeper. It is very different from all Steven's movies. In my opinion it is his second best movie since Exit Wounds. I personally think that it is almost as good as Fire Down Below or PW and it's better that UJ or DTK. Once problem is tha there is not so many fights only about 7. All other things are ok. My rating 8/10. In next few days I will write a more detailed review.


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Just saw The Keeper.

Definitely one of the best DTV's of Seagal. If anyone doubted Seagal could get his act together again and make good action movies, then they got to watch this one. It will prove the wrong.

The fights are brutal, lots of bonecracking, some aikido and a lot of fast moving. And the best part.......it's all Seagal.

I saw a few doubles, but only in the from behind shots and not that noticeable.

Production value is very good, bright colors and good camerawork, sets are also good.

Acting isn't oscar material but it is pretty decent and better then in a lot of the dtv-movies.

Sound, voice were a bit too soft at times. When you turn on the volume too hear what they are saying the music that follows or sound fx are way too loud. I don't think I made my neighbours very happy last night.

The story is pretty easy to follow and is straight forward, no side plots in this one.

I give it 8/10. If you like seagal movies, you'll love this one and you'll just gotta have it.

@bellyofb: I don't think anyone can top the official trailer, doing an extended one just might give away a little bit too much.

Review of the keeper

Ok folks lets get this out of the way first this film is the least seagalogy film in recent years. However there is one great seagalogy moment near the start of the film which has steve coming out of a coma to bring justice to the world.

However this film is very well made the dvd picture quality is much better than normal and steve puts in a great performance. As others have said very little dubbing or stunt doubles and the cast in general is good. It is well directed and the editing is well done. Considering the budget this film looks really good.

On the negative side not too much happens in the middle portion of the film and the action is short and sweet. However it does allow for the film to build to a very exciting ending. The cover for the uk release is ok but the summary on the back is make believe ? 8/10


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Just saw The Keeper.

The Keeper can put itself to Seagal's best dtv movies.

The story is great and simple. Not that CIA crap of other movies.
Great camerawork that gives the movie a more professional feeling.
Good work from Keoni Waxman!
Also Seagal really put in some effort. The fighting is all him and it seems that he's enjoying himself during the making of the movie.

This is the proof that with the right people and a little more effort Seagal can really make good movies.

Can't wait to see On The Run. Waxman did a great job with The Keeper so I think this one will also be great!
My review

I have just seen The Keeper. I am happy to say, that Steven is continuing in doing better and better movies. This was his debut with Keoni Waxman and it is really not bad. I think that The Keeper is his second best movie since Exit Wounds. In my opinion it is a little bit worse than PW, but it looks also very well. The Keeper beats UJ and DTK clearly.
Very interesting plot, in the vein of Man On Fire, but it was no problem for me. Extremely good for a dvd release. I think, that it deserves cinema releasing. Maybe in the USA. But not in Europe and it is a shame.
Steven acts very well, he puts some effort – that’s positive. Other actors in supporting roles are also decent, I am quite satisfied. The actress, that played Nikita was also great.
There are many shooting scenes, some fights and one car chase. Steven is using aikido, but he is punching too. The scenes with guns are pretty well done and look realistic. The car chase is not bad, shot in the high speed, with crashing, pretty ok. I am only a little bit sad, that the fights are quite short.
Technical work:
The director Keoni Waxman made great job, he knows, how to direct a movie, so I am satisfied with him. Camera work is as brilliant as in PW, editing is clear, sound is also quite nice. Althoug I liked the music in PW more. There are probably no stunt doubles (only during the car chase, but in movie not visible), maybe there is a photo double for a few times during the interviews between the characters, but I am not sure. The movie has 90 minutes, if it would have longer stoppage, it would hane more action. The kidnapping was in aroun 50:00, so there was not so much place for action. But the story line is very detailed.
The Keeper is very good action movie, that deserves cinema releasing. It is as good as Fire Down Below, better than DTK, UJ and almost as good as PW. My rating 8/10. If it had bigger budget, longer fights, it would be an excellent movie.
well i just watched the keeper and i loved it it was excellent. seagal was back on form with great fight scenes this is definately one of his best films i really enjoyed it.good work steven

The movie is superb. Waxman did a great job with Seagal and make a great another step forward in Steven career. The script is similar to Man on Fire but its good enough. Fights are good old fashion way made all by our Steven with no producers fuc*** in it. No dubbing voice at all. Another thing is the music. Super action score.

This movie rocks and hope the next one will be was good as this one

8/10 Steven, keep it that way.


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It's funny to see how everyone here says to every new film how great it is, although it's just another cheap DTV movie and miles away from the films 1988-2001.
I give maximum just a 6/10, I was disappointed. The film has a good look and good music with Seagal in good humour, but just very little action, too much dialogues and very little and very bad choreographed fight scenes. Seagal is also fat as always and just laughable for an action star. The showdown is not satisfying and too short. Sometimes during watching the movie, I was bored. It was an ok movie, but for me surely not that good as someone here says.

The trailer for Dangerous Man looks also bad, and Born to raise hell will be shot in Eastern Europe, so there is no improvement in sight.

I should watch one of the older movies and just forget the trash he did after 2001.


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I agree Martin, it is no where near as good as his earlier movies such as Hard To Kill, Out For Justice, etc, but it is certainly a vast improvement over the likes of Submerged, Out Of Reach, Attack Force, etc. Personally i don't know if Steven Seagal will ever get back to the pre-2001 levels, but i certainly think with a bit more effort and money spent on the movie he can.

So far in 2008/2009 we have had Pistol Whipped, Against The Dark, Driven To Kill, Killswitch and The Keeper. We also have Dangerous Man to come too. Surely if the budget for at least half these movies was combined into two movies we could have much better action, special effects, a decent supporting cast including at least one other big name actor/actress and decent promotion.
I agree with you Craig and Martin. Instead of 2 movies with 10 mil.USD budget, he should do only one movie with 20 mil. USD budget. Then he can attacks on the cinema releasing again as before 2001. With bigger budget he can be for example with Wesley Snipes in one movie. Voltage should think about it.
Maybe you all have right and it's crap. But I love this movie, just like I always liked OUT FOR A KILL. You can see that everyone eho stopped beign in the Cinema is ending like Steven. Stars like Lundgren, Snipes or Van Damme are making the same cinema these days (but I like it anyway :). So, everyone can say what they think.....and I thik that Keeper is fantastic.