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The Mercenary: Аbsolution (2014)


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No, nothing yet. Looks like Holland is being skipped this time. Found a site (zavvi.nl) that has it for sale but looks like an import of the uk version.

Just got an answer from EOne. They are not the distributor of Absolution. This guy checked with other Dutch distributors and he says he can´t find anything. He said± it looks like this one will not be released in Holland!

I am very pissed right now!!! That would be the first Seagal movie EVER that will not be released in Holland!!!
And the distributors are wondering why people start downloading these movies....:gun:
Wow, thanks Martin, finally a cover. Let's pray it will pass again uncut.

@ DiDa
this can't be possible. With your connections, why don't you pass this policy in an open letter to all, who are involved with movie-related media business in Holland.
As a follow neighbour, I would like to see as a kind of protest, that you purchase the German DVD or BluRay.

Show them that you are not outgunned, buddy. Show them you have the altitude to win!


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There is hope!! The guy from EOne Entertainment replied again and said it is possible that it will come out in Holland, but that the movie is just not listed....

By the way, he also mentioned that he thinks the movie will not be released in theatres in Holland...:D, because that has been a long time for a Seagal movie....:D