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The Mercenary: Аbsolution (2014)


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From the B Action movie Thread forum:

How are the fight scenes? Any good?

Reply: Yes actually, the action's pretty good. Seagal's final fight is one sided obvously, but Byron Mann has a massive throw down with a villainous US Embassy official (Who is played by a UFC fight or a boxer) so it balances out. I recommend it to the whole thread. Even the story is pretty tight and doesn't meander around.

lee nicholson

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These clips are great, but I don't want to watch too many of them, as I feel like I've already seen half the movie already (with endless revised trailers, clips, etc) It's good to see a recent Seagal movie with a fair bit of global advertising (for a change) but I've Just got to hold out for a few more weeks, before I see it in full :)


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I didn't expect much else, but I'm disappointed to hear the end fight is very one-sided. Vinnie Jones is a more interesting opponent than usual and it would have been good to see them in a decent fight together. One of Seagal's most entertaining fights is the final fight in Driven to Kill where we actually fear the enemy a little. I know Seagal's thing is winning the fights easily, but it doesn't make for a very interesting experience in terms of a tense finale - we always know he is going to win without a struggle. I'll reserve judgement for when I actually see it, but like the appalling Gary Daniels fight, I feel it will be a wasted opportunity (especially when for example Daniels has had brilliant fights with Wesley Snipes, Steve Austin and Jet Li/Jason Statham).


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I agree, although the fight in Driven to Kill has a lot of problems too, especially the annoying shaky cam.

And aren't there some fights in some of his best movies in the 90es, where the fights are a bit one-sided too? For example the end fight in Out for Justice.

For me the most important thing is, that he is doing the fights by himself. And we know that wasn't the case in a lot of his DTV movies.