Movies Urban Justice aka Renegade Justice

Simon Ballester (Seagal), a former government special ops agent, is committed to finding the killer of his son who was gunned down senselessly while working his beat in the heart of a poverty stricken city. When Ballester learns the murder is to be deemed a closed case, he decides to take action. He soon moves to the neighborhood where his son was killed to spend his days and nights investigating the murder as he searches for the killer. He quickly makes enemies with the local gang members and becomes a target of their hostility. What ensues is a no-holds-barred, crime story full of Seagal’s trademark martial arts and street fighting expertise.
Source : Sony Pictures press release.

Steven Seagal
Eddie Griffin
Kirk B.R. Woller
Liezl Carstens

Don E. FauntLeRoy

$12 million USD

Production Dates:
October 2006 - 19 June 2007

Filming Dates / Location:
26 November 2006 - 24 December 2006 - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Release Dates:
UK - 5th November 2007
US - 13th November 2007
German - 22nd November 2007
Japan - 27th November 2007
Poland - 4th December 2007
Dutch - 13th December 2007
Sweden - 28th December 2007
Australian - 3rd January 2008

Official trailer
Trailer by Scott Conrad - Scott Conrad is film editor of Urban Justice.
Japanese teaser trailer
Unofficial trailer by Kotegashi

Forum reviews

Questions for Don E. FauntLeRoy
Press release
Official Sony page for movie.


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Thank you for informations, but could that be that the UK DVD release is earlier than the US release?


so when do you think it will get to the us i need to get it for my collection or i will fall behind on his movis lol


hey yall just wanted to know if this movie will be subtilte or will it be in english ,not that i mind i have some that are subtiltle but just wanted to knowlol


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CARMEN;178393 said:
hey yall just wanted to know if this movie will be subtilte or will it be in english ,not that i mind i have some that are subtiltle but just wanted to knowlol

It is in English, but since Seagal is still very popular in Japan (ITS had a theatrical release in Japan) they promote it more over there.



its good for steven good promotoins and stuf so i hope it will be i good one if i see the pickture for american relaese its like they put heat of seagal on another body well but its good that i will be one for my colletion


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tencerpr;178398 said:
Was it already in japan in theaters or is it going to be?

Rob Tencer
The release date published is 27th November, but would expect direct to DVD as a cover has already been released.

Mama San

KROM;178417 said:
I've seen this movie!

There was a film in 1997 called "Under Oath"...
It starred someone named Eddie Velez. An Independent Film.
(AKA) Blood Money (undefined)
(AKA) Engrenage infernal - France (TV title)
(AKA) Mission to Kill - Germany (video title)
(AKA) Polizeiakte X - Mord in den eigenen Reihen - Germany
(AKA) Urban Justice (undefined)
It was listed IMDb for quite some time as "Urban Justice"!
IMDb....such as it is!

Perhaps this is the film you refer to.
Or maybe not!!!

God bless,
Mama san

Mama San

Thanks, least it is some
information for us.
Gee! That 'page' is about as thrilling
as the video cover! Guess that's all
they could afford, huh? Cheap!!
God bless,
Mama san


Urban Justice (German)

In Los Angeles wird der intern als unbequem eingestufte Zivilfahnder Max Bannister bei einem Routineeinsatz aus dem Hinterhalt erschossen. Während seine Kollegen davon ausgehen, dass Bannister bei einer Gang-Schießerei starb, und den Fall ungeklärt zu den Akten legen, wittert Max' Vaters, der Ex-Agent Simon Bannister, eine krumme Sache und stellt auf eigene Faust Nachforschungen an im verrufensten Viertel der Stadt. Dabei kommt er über verschlungene Pfade prompt einer Intrige in Polizeikreisen auf die Spur. Steven Seagal schlägt und bricht sich einmal mehr ohne jeden Selbstzweifel oder etwa eigenes Einstecken durch wahre Phalanxen hochgerüsteter Drogengangs und glatzköpfiger Mexikanerschläger in einem soliden B-Movie-Rachethriller nach bewährten Genreregeln.

Streetdate: 22.11.2007
DVD-Feature: Trailer (Damn, no Making-Of)

Boxcover below


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