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What is your faith?

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I Belong To Steven
I just wondered if anyone here wanted to share what religion you are....I know Steven Seagal is a Buddhist, and I was particularly wondering if there are any members here that that are of hindu or muslim faiths....Just curious, I had a few questions about hinduism in particular, too....So share if you like, and ignore me if you don't! ;)
I dont understand a lot of the things that go on in this world today . I believe in God but I dont believe in organised religion. I do believe in peace and the right of everyone to live in peace. Buddhism is of great interest to me because I also believe in the essence and the fundamental goodness of the human race and I believe that this is what Buddhism represents.
Luv & Peace
Hi Lotus,

Hmmm....tough question really, Don't have a religion as such, I have all sorts of ideas etc, but they constantly change daily due to what circumstance I'm in. I Tend to follow values, or virtues. To some it would mean the ten commandments, to me it is seven virtues.
I can say I am starting to lean towards (Zen) Buddhism, I find it very interesting (even though I know mostly nothing about it)...I'll look into it further, but no rush.:cool:
I don't believe in organized religion because people take the opertunity to take control of others! those *******s!
but I consider my self a Christian Buddhist Mystic new ager! so put that in your pipe and smoke it!
I am a Christian,was raised in the church of Christ.
I do not attend services as I should, but basically this is what I believe, what I don't believe is we are the only ones going to heaven! Just added that comment because I know someone would've asked ...lol

kat :}
I believe but not how the church say how to believe.
I believe in people and in myself.
I think there is some one who lead us but i don`t know who or wat it is. I think there is someone rules every thing there is happend in this world.... Someone who is teaching us to do better.
Well i hope you understand what i meen. It is so much easier to say in in dutch......

Love Connie
I am a christian but I want to be a budhist.For a start I am not eating meat and I don't kill bugs.I am doing meditation and I am telling you...If you do this 3 things you will feel peace.
Connie,do you have a teacher who teaches you meditation?I wanna start meditations too.
I think my religion has no name.And I don't want it to have a name.I want it to be quiet contemplation that needs no explanation and neither introduction.It's all around me.The universal thing.


Lucky Member
I'm Cristian, but I wanna be a Buddist some day, I light incenses in my bedroom, put meditation music, sit on my bed and meditate, sometimes, don't think about nothing, just beein there, with no stress, no noises, is great for me.
And I read Dalai Lama's book, I think it's a start...just little start :)
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