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    From reading your post below are you from Kansas? I have a niece that lives in Kansas City Missouri.
    Thanks for dropping by.
    I hope you had a nice lunch and pleasant afternoon/evening with John.... The snow will be gone in a few days of good weather and those dandelions will be out in full force -
    Hi Ann ,what i have done ,why you are talk whit me on the chat,iam not a bad women believes my ,The you dont whant to talk enymore whit me ,iam feeld that ,iam a very spirituel women.
    and that is not bauthiful what the do tome ?
    I am in New Hampshire and it is raining - no complaint there. I am not prepared for snow any more this year - though we have had April storms that dumped 2 feet at a time. Hopefully, you will warm up and this mess will melt fast. I will be traveling home later today and driving in the rain is bad enough. So sorry for you right now..... at least you have power - good thing there!
    I'm sending the snow angel over to dig you out Ann. Just remember to warm him up afterwards. :D
    I hope you are ok over there.
    Holey Cow - you got dumped on! That was no blizzard, that was an onslaught of the next ice age - I hope you managed to keep your power!
    hey ann girl,you take your time i know you are busy so no hurry.. yeah we had good weather to but its raining alot.well miss ya ya..Andrea(ssg)
    Hi Ann,
    do you have msn if so pleace sent me youre E-mail adress by PM.
    Take care much love and peace!
    God Bless you!
    (((((( HUGH))))))))
    I had a good holiday. I was a bit rushed though. I had surgery the following week. My foot has about 6 months time before it will be 100% again. winter I get my other foot done. Sound like fun? LOL...
    How are you? Missed you.
    Good to see you back Ann and I am so glad you had a good time and the weather was nice to you.
    Nothing changing round here but nothing getting worse either other than the weather which thinks it'll do a quick winter recap and is chilly and blowing a gale today but it does blow the cobwebs away.
    Okay! Times up, get your buns back here and keep track of all of us - I think we are getting lost in the empty rooms........
    Thanks Ann for the nice things you say to me love it,and you also a good friend of my to!

    Love yah much love and peace, God bless you!!!

    A BIG HUG BACK!!!!
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