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  • I've downloaded most of the episodes and only seen the first few so far. It's a good show. I've pre-ordered the DVD as well and look forward to getting it. It's so weird seeing him take down the bad guys in real life! I haven't been outside Australia yet but do hope to visit the US one day. It seems like a really cool place.
    TY! I know! Great person to be named after. I love his accent.... can you speak any of the Galic language... Wish I could but unfortunately that is the one language, I do not know a singe word of...
    Thanks Stacey. My great grandparents were from Ireland but I can still do the accent occasionally! I was named after Sean Connery, believe it or not! And don't have any regrets...just think good thoughts. Regrets are really a waste of time and energy.
    Thank you for your kind message, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave me a message. I am so sorry to read below that you have recently lost your father. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones at this time.

    My Daddy passed away this morning, in his sleep. I didn't even get to say goodbye.... Keep my family in your prayers. Thanks! Love Stacey
    Awww, bless ya Stacey! Hope you got some rest!
    Actually, I had a mini book (well, more of an overlong essay!) that I had written to you in return yesterday, but got stung by the 1000 words or less limit! I'm usually around, so look forward to catching up anytime! Have a great weekend, take good care! -Dx
    OK, I'll be honest - have had MAJOR trouble trying to decipher your Russian! LOL! But I just had to respond to your messages cos you seem like a real friendly and kind person!
    I have travelled (I did a six month commercials contract a few years ago where we filmed in France and Italy) and am part Indian so have visited Calcutta and Goa. I picked up some basic French and Italian, but TBH it was more of a survival thing than a genuine interest in learning a new tongue! You have a hell of a cool cultural mix, have you ever visited the UK?
    I haven't seen Lawman yet, I heard that it will get a DVD release in the UK so I'll probably wait for that. Are you enjoying the show? It seems like a good opportunity for Big Steve to reach a wider audience, I just hope that it doesn't detract from his movie output!
    Oh, and my name is Darren, my friends call me 'D'. It's a real pleasure to connect on this site and am glad to get to know you better!
    Have a great one today, stay safe! -Dx
    Hi Stacey! :)
    Just wanted to say thank you for your warm welcome and friendship request, is much appreciated! Am still finding my feet here, but am looking forward to getting to know all the regulars alot better as time goes on.
    Hoping you're having a great day, all my best! -D
    oh thats ok Stacey no one ever comes here any way like you know whom?.. blink and you could miss where i live i have sent you an e-mail of where i live hope you get it ..if not let me know and i shall send an p/m sending an link ..
    lol..sorry for laughing stacey but adelaide isnt an thing its where i LIVE girl .. love my little neck of the woods.. look up adelaide australia it will show you were i i live its nick named the 'city of churches' ..and to those whom think iam nothing because of my disease to them 'sticks and stones.
    I am counting the days......until SPRING!!LOL;) My favorite season of the year.

    The only thing is here in Kansas we are going from the cold right into the heat. It seems like we don't have much of a spring or fall anymore!!

    OH well, I guess it could be worse!!
    Well Stacey, we are having temps into the single digits and ice and snow coming our way.I am freezing my little tush off around my neck of the woods.

    We had an ice storm 2 years ago, look at my albums you can see what it looks like. Lost a bunch of trees but nothing else.

    You are so right...............about finding a blessing in the midst of any storm. We just seem to forget those things!!

    Take care and be safe!!;)
    oh girl if only you knew half the flack i get from people but iam like my mum if people want to play with fire then girl let them bring it on ..for instance when some says to some one that theres no way on this earth would steven seagal even think about yet going to see an certain ausie girl whom has an disease ? oh lets say in adelaide what would you say or do?.. any way just because i have this disease iam still an woman..
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