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    Steven Seagal A&E Biography!

    Hey thanks for the offer, Serena. Please let me know what I need to send you. Also, I did not know you were ill recently, hope you are ok now. :)
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    Steven Seagal A&E Biography!

    Since I don't get the channel, I would very much appreciate if someone could tape this for me.
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    I think people need to chill, with regards to OUT OF REACH

    I'm just about the biggest Sensei fan around, but I also have a sense of humor... so yeah, love those reviews Vern. :D PS. the Tomisaburo Wakayama similarity is something I've enjoyed forever. With Sensei's size, grimace, and complete mastery of the blade, he would be the only sane choice if...
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    Flash!! Steven Seagal and David Zucker Team for Comedy !! !!

    This is a big step in Seagal's career. This is EXACTLY what he needs right now, a shift in his public image away from the cheap DTV action movies. Leslie Nielsen is getting old, so the Airplane guys need a new "straight man" as it were... Which makes room for Sensei. And the completely...
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    ARRGGGHHH! (Just letting off some steam)

    Great news on your new place, TD. Good luck to you. ;)
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    Steven Seagal on Celebrities Uncensored 9 last night!

    It's a pretty entertaining show. Ex wife Kelly was on it once too. And Van Damme is a regular.
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    Didnt Steven pratice something else beside Aikido??

    I always enjoy your posts, Aikilove. You seem to really know what you're talking about. Informative stuff...
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    Out for a Kill on TV in April

    Thanks for that link, J.
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    My Nico dvd is censored *grrrrrrrrrrrr*

    Yes, I think the Europe/Region 2 dvds are pretty heavily cut. Sorry about that man. Always best to go for the Region 2 DVDs with Seagal I think...
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    Seagal makes TV commercial...

    Great stuff, Amos. ;) I'm not even going to ask how you know this. Ok, screw it, how do you know this? :D
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    Out for a Kill on TV in April

    I saw an ad over the weekend for OFAK having it's TV premier on one of the channels this month, possibly TBS channel (will have to watch the ad again to confirm). It'll probably be cut for language/violence, but still it's a free showing of the movie.
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    Who Do You Think Are The Best Martial Artists Today?

    The chokehold/soiling himself story is utter garbage. It's one of those rumours created by some fool who wanted to throw a cheap jab at Sensei. And because this is the internet, it profilerated like an old Chinese Whisper. And Bruce Lee could kick all their backsides if it came down to it...
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    Steven Seagal on Celebrities Uncensored 9 last night!

    this show gets repeated all the time on E, so...
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    View Seagal Commercial Here !

    If that bar stops without the whole thing filling up, that means the whole thing was not downloaded. By the way, the last image I saw was the hand prints on the door of the store forming a misty Mountain Dew logo or whatever... Is that the last image?
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    View Seagal Commercial Here !

    Maybe you only saw part of the trailer because of too much site traffic there. If you look at it in Quicktime format, and you notice the bottom of the screen, there's normally a bar that tells you how much of the file has loaded (you can see it filling up as you download more)