Donald Lee Wilkey

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  • Hello Don
    Just stopped in briefly. This is Mary not Ann. LOL. Hope things are going well with you this weekend. Am watching Hard to Kill right now and can't wait till The Keeper comes out to buy it. Have a good one
    Don, correction: Lawman won't be on tonight!! It will be on wednesday dec.2nd. on A&E channel. Just thought I would let you know!!:)
    Thank you Don for the friendship request.

    My Mom has been gone for some time now, still miss her every day.

    Just think of her being happy and not in pain anymore!!
    Hello very good, and you my friend i hope that you
    are very good and fine,thank you my friend,and the foto from you is great whit you kitty in your arm.
    Kisses and Take Care my friend.
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