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  • Hi don,
    thank you for your reply.
    soul searching is good, healthy!
    I did a lot during my lifetime.
    Becamse some what of a Seeker, studied other religions and became a Catholic, pracitsed very hard then joined a 12 step program, Co-Dependents anonymous, that was the biggest break through for me. the 12 steps are what all the great religions propogate without the self whipping, they teach self acceptance which is the greatest gift of all.
    everyone's soul searching is different as we are all different, I whish you all the best, it just means you want to become a better person, and that in itself is a gift.
    Lots of love and peace,
    Thanks for the reply Don,
    It's Wed. 8th april and i just got back from Shanghai where my husband and I tried to find a tenant for our flat.
    Unfortuanately most of the Expats in our district of Puxi and in our complex have gone back to their respective home countries. the financial downturn and all that.
    I had a chance to view a lot of Steven's old movies there, those older movies are the best of his I think that his latest in the last few years do him no justice at all.
    by the way, where have you been all those months, what did you get up to?
    Love and bewst wishes,
    Hi don,
    glad you're back, only just got back from world wide travels myself.I'm glad to be back, how've you been?
    Love and best wishes,
    Welcome back Don!
    Glad you've decided it's worth visiting again.
    When I cropped and posted these new avatars I somehow thought you would go for this one. It turned out pretty nice I think.....and if it makes you feel good, I only created them because you were not happy with what was already there. It is a very nice photo of him, is it not?
    Hi DW,

    Looks like everybody wants you to stay around.

    You are here so just stay and enjoy.

    Take a long break if you need to.


    Hey there Don Wilkey, volunteer librarian from Arizona, and famed feather-ruffler on this site -
    I am just wondering why you are thinking of leaving and cancelling your account. You know you can just pop in now and again - if you feel like you need a break, take one! And come back when you are ready.
    But you needn't cancel your account and all that - just step back for awhile. I know I am not alone in hoping that you will stick around, even if you take a hiatus for now.

    Take care
    Hey there Don Wilkey
    I haven't been on the site much lately, as I have had a lot going on. What a bummer, getting busy just as the weather gets really nice.
    How're you doing? I've been trying to catch up on the posts today. You seem to have ruffled a few feathers...
    Hi don,
    Keep up the good wokrs on the SS site, collectively we can makke a difference and SS's fans have something over and above just being fans of an action hero.
    He deserves truly spiritual uplifting and acknowledgement. Let's be that for him and his family.
    Love and best wishes,
    Hi Don,
    You are my first male SS fan who invited me as a friend. I only consider males who are faithful to the SS fan site. Even though we can criticise him , especially for his latest collection of bad movies, we must never forget why we are on the site. to give constructinve criticism is OK, it's like when we do that to a member of our family. We love them so we feel we have the right to say something about their behaviour or activities that has lowered our expectation of them. Constructive criticism is not a threat and should not be threatening to the person we are criticising,done with love can never hurt , it is conveyed with love and kindness.
    we all love SS on the site, and it is normal for us loving fans to say something when our expectations of him is lowered.
    but really he does not have the final say with what the producers do to his films after editing, they add and subtract without his knowledge. but making him aware of the outcome is good, becuase he may then exert a decision that will either modify the outcome of bad movies or do away with acting in them . He may start to have more say in what the final cut of a film in which he appears will be.anyway we are his fans and we must be honest, open and willing to discuss together collectively and individually what we think about SS's activites.
    i have no problem with the rest of his activities, His philanthropy, his spirituality, his musicality, all shine through as products of a Bhuddhist mind.He is just himself. He really does not try to put on a show to please others, we can follow in his footsteps as he is a fine role model in these activities.but in following in his footsteps we must learn to discern between positive and negative criticism. what we give out returns back to us. that is natural law.

    I am greatly rested here in Hong Kong now, had a big trek to Central yesterday and that always exhausts me. The weather this time of year, typhoons, sub-tropical humidity, heat, hard rain, the pollution takes its toll on a person. the best time of year is November when the summer is over and the autumn brings with it cooler air and one feels more comfortable. am escaping to the heat in Shanghai for business on 16th July until 6th August , that will be most trying , hope to enjoy the spas and airconditioning of hotel in between business outside.

    Asian cities are so polluted i enjoy really escaping and regenerating in Perth, Western Australia, the best place on the planet.The peace, quiet, beautiful environment and the beaches on the Indian ocean are second to none.Mostly the fresh air.

    Best wishes for a great day to you.
    Thanks for your invitation to be a friend .
    I've read your threads and posts and consider you to be a genuine SS fan who is intelligent and witty.
    Halkush (Halyna)
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