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  • Why do you want to be "friend" whit me?( I want to be a frien whit u :p ) :) Just no one have askt me yet ;) Thanks :)
    Hi Don! Thanks for inviting me to be your friend... I should have answered you sooner, but hard to get to all my frinds and post, at one time, with my little ones in need of me - so much....I am a very busy woman..well, child- a LOT, LOL! I am a big kid at heart! LOL! Oh, wait, a kid is a baby goat... so let me correct myself...I am a big Child, at heart.....NOT ashamed to say it, either.....

    So nice to meet you, too and see that you are a true brother & fan to Steven, too!!! I will be back arond, to type more, either later tonight or tomorrow... My time on here, has run out, for now. My children are in need of me....Take care, my Brother!

    Love Your Sister, CountryEagle/Satcey
    I love your crazy colour scheme. :) I did have a bright one but I'm in a mellow phase now.
    Mountain time would be one hour earlier than me, then.
    I like the nickname Tigress, thanks!
    I am doing well. Have you been paying any attn to the posts relating to a script that Chef, Myst and I have been cobbling together? We'd love to have your input. If you like, I can PM you the parts that we already have.
    hey, Don, what time zone are you in?? It says you were on at 4:55 a.m. my time, so either you are an insomniac or you are further east than I thought.
    I dunno, Don. Some people seem to feel that they have some sort of right to criticize those brave enough to speak the truth in a public forum (such as movies).
    I remember reading a review of On Deadly Ground (some years ago, and not on this site), and the reviewer (not professional) was whinging on about how there was not enough fighting and deriding Steven's end-of-movie speech.
    He entirely missed the whole point of the movie - and I think some of the people on this site are, sadly, the same. They have this kind of bloodlust for the wham-bam-you're-dead action that Steven does so well, but they entirely miss the point of why he does it, and who he is.
    As I said in a post today - if people looked at what is in a person's heart, and not what is in their past, they will see what that person is truly like.
    Steven's heart is true.
    Hi Don Wilkey

    I would be happy to add you as a friend. You are one of the people on ths site who is a TRUE fan of The Fabulous Seagal - not one of those sulky, fair-weather fans!
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