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  • Hi Don, good to hear from you!! I am doing alright. I have no idea what happened to that website Don. Sorry!!

    Have a good weekend and stay safe.
    Hi Don my friend.
    Whit me good go all good,not my husband and my brother.
    From yesterday i now that my brother have canser,and he is by us now ,i go helping him he is paliative .
    This his realy peanful for me ,in 2005 i lost my mother ,my sister and the mother from my husband olso whit that,and i now the sent him to me my friend for helping him and standing him by,he is not alon.
    And i do my best so long he is live my friend.
    I do my best and i do all what i cant to do for him .
    And Don i thank you very much my friend.
    Lovely xxx and Big Hugs my friend.
    Hi Don,

    Doing good. Trying to stay warm in this cold weather. More snow on the way again. This is going to be a long winter here in Kansas.
    How are you doing? God bless you my friend!!
    Hey brother how are you?? Hope all is well!!!! I have been a way for too long and am now trying to play catch up!!!!!!
    Hello Don
    Good weather here but now we have had rain for the last 4 days. Not complaining too much but Sat it will be 57 degrees yahoo!!! Then a cold snap on Monday. So I guess it's to much to ask for spring to come early.
    If iam not wrong it was your birthday the other day sorry i missed wishing you an great day Donald..better late then never they say..happy belated one..
    Hey Don
    Well today it is suppose to get to 40 degrees I won't hold my breath, but at least the sun is shining this morning. Hope your staying warm.
    You are welcome Don!!;) How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

    Ours is finally improving. We had sunshine today and temps into the 40's. But it could change in a heartbeat. This is Kansas and it's only january. Can't wait for spring to get here.

    Hope you are having a good week my friend!!;)
    Hi, Don. Sorry about not answering sooner, been busy with work. I'm fine, how are you doing?
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