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  • Hi lutje i dont think people mean to not talk to you they may not know you are there..so dont be to upset girl..no one talks to me much but i dont worry about it ..there loss.. so please keep chatting girl..
    Hi my friend ,iam very bad now, why dont the talk whit me
    iam not a bad women, what i dit wrong the dont talk whit me
    the not intrest my i believes,i sit here on my computer 4 years and i leurn my up computer and i now that i type some words wrong and there are words i dont anderstand that ,you are never to old for luerning by,befor i have never a computer.
    Dear Heather kant you have My friends back PLEAS.
    This is very painful for me that the pushe me in to the corner.
    And i hope you helps me.
    Had an little visitor today ( my niece she is 8) and she had an joke for me as always ..very funny ..

    Q. Why did the lobster blush?
    A. Because the sea-weed..
    Just gives me the willies when some actors male and female always have to have drop dead beautiful people...why?.. and dont tell me because thats the done thing ..like in steven latest movie all of them are in that category what ever happened to the 'plain janes' about time movie making people got there act together..
    Gee iam lucky some times because an friend whom always puts aside stevens movies when they come in he thought because he stuffed me around he would 'give' me stevens 'against the dark' and i pick it up in an few days iam thrilled to pieces
    Good Morning Heather! I just answered your email. I,ve been sick lately, too... sorry to hear you have been sick! Hope you are feeling better soon! Good hearing from you!
    Love Your Sister Infinity,
    Ohh by the way while i have had this dam flu my brain hasnt stopped nearly done with my story i shall put it on board in the next few days mean while i have got another one in the wind this one is called 'The Watchman'..
    Hi Myst yes the leaves are falling ..they are just amazing colours this time of the year ... how are you going?..
    Well we are at the half-way point again - we are starting Spring here and you are starting Autumn there. Pleasant times of mostly decent weather for both top and bottom of the world....
    Tricks are just fine thanks and you?.. Hi Lui better then never i say thanks for getting back to me.. hi lutje thanks..
    Heather i gone make spaghetti bauolonase to day whit chees,,,mmmmm ,,,, this his very good and we drink one glasses wyn by . you whant that to i give you that ok friend.
    Lovely xxx.
    Not just yet Sue with this cold iam getting just some soup i think people love my home made chicken noodle soup ..with an twist.. it does the job ..next cook up will be spaghetti and meat balls..not till iam better though..so does chicken noodle soup sound ok for now?.. sound good lutje some bubbly with pizza ..
    He my friend Heather,when you make a pizza for me
    i like that to,than we gone eat that to same ,,you me and Sue she his my friend to,,i gone bring three glasses champange::: that is aperetive and maby bring Sue another drink for us and here.
    Lovely kisses.
    Hi heather, how are you my friend.
    When i come to the chat, we mist eachother,iam so sorry by that,my time is not to same than your time and i hope that we talk togeter my friend .
    Lovely xxx from me.
    Pity isnt it that you cant smell my kitchen at the moment an couple of friends and i have been cooking pizzas made from scartch none of this brought crap..home made girl..we have made an hell of an mess but man the end result ..and our pizzas are square thought we would be different ..do you want some steven isnt getting any as he has been an bad bad boy ..and no matter how he sweets talks me iam standing my ground..
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