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  • :D rofl :D
    Actually I do sympathise, I think I did that once and I think it was from lifting something - probably my other cheek!
    Ohhh well i will just have to settle for just what i have now i know for an start if i start stuffing around with those colours and that i will do exactlly that stuff up!!! ..any way craig and myst have helped me enough..
    Sorry i didn't reply sooner heather, but it has taken me a few dayshow to work this part of the site.
    Now i've conned on to how it works, I think it's great, a fraternity of girlfriends who love and support each other through thick and thin. thank you for your kindwords and support. i love you.
    Halkush (halyna)
    I don't recognise you now you've changed your avartar.

    How did it go trying out for the new pool team?
    I am good.
    Just got back from lanzarote, needed to swim in the sea to charge my mind,body and spirit.
    It was lovely, just what i needed!
    Good morning! (Or, I guess for you good evening?? Or is it the middle of the night?)
    i am not really a morning person, but I just wanted to say Thanks for accepting my friend invitation.
    ok i found it ..if you go into an members page its there i hope still ..the member is OBs Butterfly ..can you check if you can post that one he is in an picture frame ..laying on an couch..

    Perhaps I'll catch you on it tomorrow.
    Yes I'm the first on to leave you a message! :)
    It's going to take a while to get used to these new feature, more brain hurt! :D
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