Steven Seagal Meets with Costa Rica President


suziwong;195687 said:
Mss Arisa Wolf and their daughter Savannah I guess !!

The many thanks Suzi for information.I believed this he has new family because one fairly often saw him with another woman (Erica).Is there pictures of them?This would be sure interesting for us.Many thanks for her terrific work.I greet you Suzi


Thanks Suziwong. I am glad we know what he is doing and he is still getting out and about. He is amazing, his energy never diminishes. He always looks cool and healthy. How can we ever repay you Suzi do you get paid for all our updates.

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Enza from Brighton
Seagal is really hand some when he wears a buissnes coat and a nice shirt , not the multi colored shirts he wears all the time :S
Thanks Suzie!

Dear Suzie! Thanks for the update, on Steven in Centeral America. I think it is a Beautiful country! I pray Steven and his family have a very blessed time there. Wish I could visit there, one day..... very Beautiful Country!!!!

Love Your Sister,
Stacey :yin:


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I'm sorry to say that but he looks not good on most of this photos.

He's absolutely not in shape and extremly overweight like in 2003. His face looks very bloated.

It's very depressing to see him on this phtos and what he is doing with his body and health.

Very bad sign for Dangerous Man who stars filming this march too...

I know I probably look not much different when I'm 57 years old, but he's an actionstar (or he still would like to be), me not.

Very very sad. :(


Doesnt seem to want to work for me seems Stevens quest in Costa Rica has cracked an mention on ABC RADIO(australia) some one told me but seeing is believing..


Hi Suzy when have you more foto's from Steven Seagal ,this foto's there are great
and i hope you gone have more new foto's from him soon
i wheat for that my friend and new information.
And i Thank you Suzywong you are fantastic.
suziwong;195643 said:
From Costa Rica Pages

Steven Seagal, the famous action movie hero, has found his way down to Costa Rica with his wife and daughter and will be meeting with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias today at 2:30 p.m. The actor arrived yesterday to the Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose and said he is interested in creating a small movie production company in the country and would like to discuss options with the country’s leaders. His visit seems to mimic the goal’s that Mel Gibson had several years ago before deciding to build a multi-million dollar property in Guanacaste.

Seagal, who is known for performing his own fight scenes with a black belt in martial arts, will be staying at the Real Intercontinental in Escazu, San Jose during the business portion of his trip, but it is uncertain if he will continue on to visit other sites and the Costa Rica beaches.

Other celebrity figures that visited Costa Rica in the past year include Britany Spears, Bill Gates, Mel Gibson, Michael Schumacher of the race car fame and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Rumors also suggest that Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are considering having their wedding in Costa Rica, where Gisele already has a beach property.
wife? is there a new wife again?


Oh steven you are such an bad boy ...isnt he Suzi what ever happened to that 'other' woman.. i think he should be given the nick name 'wildman'...